Monday, July 8, 2013

What's Going On This Week

I have been a busy girl so far this week.
Let's see.....

All prettied up with a sunflower tablescape

Today....I made a pretty penny on the sale of my dining room set.
Two years ago I paid $250 from someone off Kijiji (Craigslist) and today someone bought it off me for $600.  
Not bad for a days work!
It has been in storage for about a year plus, and these days I am on a selling stuff from storage bandwagon.
And off it went!

Speaking of dining rooms.
The above picture is from a few years back, the summer we lived in my rental property.

Fast forward a few years.....this is the same room, after tenants moved out.

I did a post on the destruction of this poor pitful house after tenants.
I didn't add these pictures on that post because some of them were so bad, I just couldn't show you guys.

Here is another picture, from the bathroom....they took out a whole section of drywall.


Needless to say, I felt a little overwhelmed with the daunting task of the repairs.
I gave it my best shot, however it was just to consuming, of my time, thoughts and worries.
So I gave in, I handed the task over to a local handyman.
I know, I know what true blue Blogger does that!  But it was just too much for this little Blogger.
He started the patching of the walls today and will be there until Wednesday.....or so.
Then later this week another guy comes in to replace the broken windows, and start on the painting.
I will try to get pics as we go along.
I am feeling very relieved about my decision.

Moving onto a happy note.....

Here is a little crafty and garden project I am working on at home.

In the spring I started a container/planter garden.  I dug up the perennials we planted at the rental house when we lived there that one summer.

Here are the plans I have in the works with this little garden.

A)  Get more rocks from the beach and fill in garden.
B)  Replace Black Eyed Susan's planter.....water is not draining properly and poor plant is dying.
C)  Get more Blue Statice, I have tons over there.
D)  Remove plastic soil bag garbage....hmm
E)  Buy more concrete edging.

Having fun with this and hope to complete it this week.  Will take pics when it starts to shape up.
I already have the beach rocks, but they're still in my vehicle....hmm

Here's a sneak peek at a project I'm working on.....

A glass art project for the above garden.
I still need to get a few more pieces, but will do a complete tutorial when I am done.

Later on this week I will be:
-Paying some bills - that's boring, will move on to the next fun project.  :)

-Kids will be home this weekend, so have to get some baking done.
They love their Mama's cookin'!

Anyway folks, that is my week in a nut shell.  Feelin' pretty good about it.

What are you folks doing this week?




  1. Looks like you've been a busy lady. I CAN NOT BELIEVE the destruction your renters did. Who does that kind of thing, despicable. I don't blame you for getting someone else to handle it.
    Wow...good job on the sale of your dinning room set. PROFIT !!

  2. Good for you on making a profit, and for getting rid of stuff in the storage unit!!! Its okay to hire out work that you cannot possibly do yourself, its worth it to have the weight off your shoulders, and I'm all for that!!! You're doing good kiddo!!!

  3. I can't imagine living in someones house and treating it with such disrespect. I don't blame you for seeking help...blogger or not :) That is some major sheet rock work. I think you are much better off staying positive you your sweet garden!

  4. Excellent news about the sale. What a mess the renters left. I was just looking through the post you did. I felt like crying myself!

  5. 1) I love love love the sunflowers matching the sunflowers on the plate!

    2) it was really awful what those renters did, we talk about it often here - it's not good that renters have more rights than home owners here.

    3) Are those cardinals on the plate in the last picture? Looks fab - can't wait to see what you are going to be doing!

  6. Love the sunflower plate setting!

    That's not normal wear and tear!!!

    When I moved to a smaller home my sisters selected some furniture for their homes from the pieces that were too big or duplicates. Storing it would of cost money, and the risk of it being damaged, even in climate control, was not one I wanted.

  7. I don't understand why they cut the hole in the dining room or just ripped out the drywall. The fact that you even contemplated doing it yourself makes you more woman than I!

    Your garden is going to be so pretty!