Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mid Week Musings.....

Hot enough for ya!
Here in Sarnia today's temperatures rose to 33C (91F).
Not a pleasant day to be doing much of anything.....unless of course you're at the beach!

This week I bought a used electric lawnmower from someone off Kijiji.
I have a small backyard in this rental condo and only needed something compact and simple.
When I went to his house, I took a picture of his beautiful water garden in the backyard.

I took these pics with my ipod.  Not the best of quality.
I am tempted to email him back and ask if I can come around again just to take pics.

This past Sunday I crossed the boarder to shop for a patio set.
I have been shopping around for several weeks, but have not found anything I liked.
So I took a trip across the bridge, sure enough found a pretty little set at Walmart.
The picture below is from their website, my set is still in the box.
I will get it set-up and take some pics.  
Right now it is just a bit too hot to be outside for any length of time.

When I crossed the boarder to go back home, there was a long wait on the bridge.
It was an hour and half, I was not amused.  Next time I go across, will go very early on a weekday morning.

Any farm listings this week?

Still plugging away with it.  Or should I say slugging!
I try weekly to see what farm listings are available.  This week had nothing new from last.
I thought this lot above was interesting.  It is only a half acre.  Facing the St. Clair River, down the road would be the Bluewater Bridge connecting Canada and US.  
From this lot you can not see it, but the road it's on travels to the bridge.

It has a cute little blue barn on it.  You can see a bit of it in the pic on the right.  In another pic from the Realtors listing, it looks in decent enough shape.

Love the water view.

Kids are busy this week with their own little lives.
Son is starting to prepare for his year in residence, he has to pay for this and that.
We will be checking out his new digs next week.
He is studying Police Foundations.

Daughter is in the mist of exams.  She has been going to school non-stop, from the Fall right through the summer.
She graduates next summer.  Then onto her Masters program.  This program she will take summers off to work Co-op.

Big news I suppose, I sold my rental property!  Yay!
I actually sold it myself to people I know.  The deal closes end of September.
I referred them to a Company I know that will hold their 1st mortgage..

AMC's  The Killing

What I'm Watching
One of the summer TV shows I am watching is The Killing.
Excellent and clean show.  A mystery whodunnit, with a little bit of romance going on with the lead characters.
Anyone else watching it?

So, that's it in a nutshell so far.  How is everyone's else week going?




  1. Hi Diane It's steamy here in Harrow, Ontario as well. Toooo hot to do anything, but sit and sip iced tea ~ Stay cool my friend

  2. That's great that they are both doing well and work hard.

  3. Congrats on selling your rental! I like your patio set too. I need to find or make something for mine. It's empty and has been for a couple of years. It looks a bit sad and lonely. Not watching anything interesting...too busy to watch tv. Have a great week!

  4. I am devoted to The Killing, watched it last year too. Also am watching The Bridge and Crossing Lines.

    I am in Webster, N.Y., across the lake from you and it is torrid hot here and nasty humid...not going out there!!! The property with the blue barn looks very appealing...

  5. That is a pretty patio and water feature in your first photo. I'm glad you have sold your house. That would be a relief for you. Your kids seem to be doing well with school. Cudos to your daughter for working so hard all year around. The weather is about to change here this evening with a cold front and rain coming in. We need it as the grass is starting to dye and brown out in spots. It would also be nice to get a break from watering my flowers. :) Enjoy the nice summer weather Diane.

  6. Oh wow - a huge congrats on selling the property! I know it has been a real trauma for you! Now to get that farm!!

  7. Hi Diane. Here it`s 14 C, and rain, so the differents are huge. I`m glad we had two weeks in Crete this summer.
    How proud you must be of your daughter and sun that is doing well with the studying.

    Wish you a great, warm thursday.

    Hugs from here