Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blogger Home Tour - Down to Earth Style

Welcome to the Blogger Home Tour series.
Featuring some of the finest home on tour in Blogland.


One of the cutest blogs out there belongs to Holly from Down to Earth Style,
She is currently renting her home in Virginia, but this is no ordinary rental, she has made this house magazine worthy.
Beautiful decor, a genius with woodworking tools, easy peasy recipes.  Her blog is addictive!

So let us do what we do best.....snoop around!

Here is a little bonus to make this tour a bit easier ....... the blueprints to the house.

 We'll start with the livingroom.

Isn't this room stunning!
Here is a tutorial on the  Life is Beautiful artwork. 
I can so see myself relaxing with a cup of tea in this room.....that's what makes my life beautiful!

How to make this Book Ledge

 Here's a peek at three of my favourite rooms.
The kitchen, dining room and family.
Oh hello must be the welcoming committee!

Let's wonder around the kitchen and all the neat stuff here.

The newest change to this room....a chalkboard/shelf.

The kitchen island creation here.

Shower Caddy Turned Kitchen Caddy

Cover up the side of a refrigerator with a fence here

The dining room.

 Wanna try your hand at this checker board table.
Here is the how to.

The awesome family room.
Every time I am visiting her blog, I study all the details to get some idea.
Love everything about this comfy room.
The pictures below are an assortment of looks she has had with this room since moving in.

Make a Sofa "C" Table easily

At Christmastime.
Take the holiday tour here.

 Her recent pride and joy is the newly renovated shabby style master bedroom.
A handcrafted corrugated metal roofing cool is that!
You will have to check out the before and after.
I can tell you that the before was just as pretty as the after!

Love how this TV corner is decorated.
So simple, I love it.  I may have to use this idea in my bedroom....never know how to decorate the TV area.

Awesome pillows.  Details of the headboard.
This girl is brilliant, I could never come up with an idea like this!
This beautiful room was featured on CNN Living - congrats Holly! 

What I love so much about her blog is the creative DIY projects.
Her tutorial are very detailed and easy to follow.   She should be teaching Woodshop 101 somewhere!
Here are just a few.

Teacher Gift Planter  and Pallet Porch Console

Check out this DIY painted muslin window panel here.
The girl's got skills!

Pretty rag wreath here

I enjoy her blog so much.  Always look forward to new post and what new thing she has created.
Holly and her family are on the lookout for a new home to purchase....can't wait for those before and afters!
Wander on over and say hello to Holly at Down to Earth Style,
she is just as down to earth as her blog!

Thank you so much my friend for the tour!.


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  1. I LOVE this home! Can't wait to "borrow" some of her great ideas. Thanks for showing us this beautiful home Diane!

  2. Holly has a very beautiful home. I love her family room - large and bright. Thanks for sharing her home with us Diane.

  3. What a lovely home Diane. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  4. Seriously? You are so good at writing and linking back. I can't believe how much time you must take to really put the story together! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! A very special day for me. xoxoxo

  5. What a beautiful home - Holly has done a lovely job!! Thanks for the tour!

  6. That is a beautiful home! She is so talented!

  7. Holly is one of my favorites... and you gave her home such a fun, fresh tour! THANKS!!! How did I miss that rag wreath? I guess I know what I'm doing today! :-)
    So glad that I saw Holly pin this... New follower of your blog!
    xoxo jules from bles-id.blogspot

  8. I am a big fan of Holly's! :-) Thanks for the new spin on her home tour.
    Yeah Holly!!!
    Hugs, Gee

  9. I agree with Holly, this is a fabulous tour. Love her style and the way she puts things together. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  10. What a great tour of Holly's lovely home!! She is one of the most creative people I know. Each of her rooms are jam packed full of wonderful ideas!
    I'm a new follower of yours,
    Mary Alice

  11. Love Holly's house! Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a great tour! Holly's home is delightful.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  13. I just love Holly's home--you did a wonderful job of featuring it. I throughly enjoyed it!

  14. Great job. I love this home, this blog and this blogger.

  15. I wish I could have Holly decorate my home!!! She's the the absolute best!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything she does!!!

  16. Such a beautiful home and so stinking creative! So many ideas, so little time!

  17. Holly is one of my favs too! Love her home and always look forward to what she's up to next! Thank you for the tour!~~Angela

  18. holly's home is a real charmer:) great home tour!

  19. That lady is an amazing diy/decorator, thanks for the tour!

  20. Holly's home is lovely and her style is awesome. Thanks for sharing the tour.

  21. Holly is one seriously talented lady! Her home has been a great inspiration to me as I have moved into an older home this last year and had to come up with new decorating ideas on the cheap, but with BIG impact and wow! She recently sent me a boxwood wreath from her beautiful collection she has made...she is truly as sweet and down home as her site! Thanks for the beautiful tour of her beautiful home!

  22. I love to gaze at her home. She is definitely adept at decorating and DIYs!

  23. I've been following Holly for a while now - through her move and all. She inspires me with each post!!! Thanks for sharing her beautiful home with everyone.

  24. Holly's blog is one of my first reads every morning,, I love her style. So welcoming and "down to earth" just as her blog title states. Great post on featuring her.

  25. Love love the home tour....thanks so much for putting it together. The checker board table is adorable..and all the other finishing touches. Going now to check out more home tours. Love your site! Am you newest follower.

  26. how do I get to see her blog - it says you have to be invited?

  27. I really love Holly's home and blog. I look forward to reading her new entries often, however today it says you have to be invited. What happened? I hope she didn't take it down.

    1. Hi Kayla. I put an email out to Holly and she will be taking a summer hiatus from her blog. She will be back soon and her blog open to the public. Diane