Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Perfect Summer Day......

A warm day - not to hot, not to cool.
Clear blue sky.
 Horses in the pasture.
Barn cats.
Corn growing in the field.

{Mesh across their eyes to keep the flies out.}

{Daughter took these pics with her iphone.....nice camera.}

{Pure cuteness, with a bit of an attitude going on!  giggling....}

And all is well with my soul.

How's your summer day going?




  1. Your horses are beautiful. Yes, the iphone does take great pictures. It looks like an amazing day where you are.
    Thanks, Patty

  2. Beautiful photos of the horses and the sweet kitty. Today is hot and humid and sunny, so far. Thunder storms will roll though later with a severe warning on again today. The cooler drier air is coming tomorrow and for the week ahead. We're off on a day trip and I am delighted. :) Enjoy the weekend Diane.

  3. So pretty!!!

    Too hot here, but it doesn't get cold either.

  4. Cute photos! We went to Toronto with our summer day, but would have FAR preferred to be in the country!!

  5. Lovely pics and each with a story to tell! Loved the pic of the cat with your daughter's boots included! Our summer days are going well. Though we re not used to such great heat here in the UK ! Joan

  6. Beautiful pictures. Our weather here in Ontario has finally broken. The humidity is gone and it's lovely. Have a great day ~!