Monday, July 22, 2013

A Box of Treasures

The best part of thrifting, is the box.
The box of treasures you go home with.

This weekend I was working on my garden art and needed another plate.
So I ran into my local thrift store to pick up one for $1.
I left with $18 worth of treasures.....all wrapped up in a cool box.

Why the box you ask?
There is just something about buying things you love, for next to nothing, and at the check-out they wrap it all up for you and put them in a box.

I bring the box home on Saturday.
Walk by it.  Then walk by it a few more times, admiring my trophy.
Biding my time.
Love the feeling.....anticipation, admiration for my clever treasure hunting skills.

On Sunday, I finally unwrap everything.
Loving them all over again. 
Deciding what I will do with each piece, or where it will go in my home.
It's like Christmas.

You are so glad you took the time, looked around the store and found these little treasures.
Like they were meant for you and you alone. 

You wonder where they have come from and what brought them to this thrift store.
What history they have.

Such beauty on a shelf.
You are lucky to have found them.

Treasures in a box.
One of the simple things in life.



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  1. It is indeed such a great feeling! I love that green vase, the light is gives off is amazing! My fave part is working out where best to display treasures though!

  2. I love the little diamond cut dish.
    My Granny told me it was a dime-store dish...I have a clear one like yours and at one time I had one with a yellow glow to it.
    Don't remember what happened to it...but aren't they pretty?
    Love the little tartan cooler and shakers... so sweet.
    I like my treasure that I bring home too...and you're right it's like a Christmas present...waiting to be opened once home.
    ...loved this, Pat

  3. Oh these are wonderful finds! Being of Scottish descent, I am in love with the Tartan items! I think the green vase is also gorgeous! Well done!

  4. Lucky for you on these lovely finds!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. How right you are! And you have a gift for describing the feelings to a tea.

    Such pretty finds. I love the color of the green vase, and the tartan s/p are darling. Enjoy them!

  6. The best thing I have found at a thrift store was a beautiful Polish crystal punch bowl.
    The one closest to my home doesn't have much of interest in it unfortunately.
    You found some pretty cool items. That ice bucket will be a great piece to use on a Christmas table.

  7. I love your finds. I love the thrift and vintage shops. I saw some really old quilts in there and the lady who brought them in didn't have room for them anymore. It was sort of sad to see that, but at least someone who thinks they are beautiful will buy them.

  8. I love that cut glass dish! It has such a unique shape! Those were some treasures!!