Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are You Prepared?

Emergency Preparation
52 Week Plan 

With an increase in natural disasters and threats of health epidemics, I have started an emergency preparation plan.  
A plan that will take up to 52 weeks to complete.

Whether this is a new trend or has been around for ages, I give major loss planning the respect it deserves. 
Where once I would go about life in my merry little world, I now take potential threats more seriously.
So earlier this winter I set out a 52 week emergency preparation readiness.

I have started to become educated on the how too's of this plan.
At first, I must confess, it was a little overwhelming for me.  So much information, so little knowledge or experience.
But after a while you get into a rhythm.  You set out your own plan and what works for you and your family.
Planning being the key word in this project.

I breakdown my plan into three categories:

1.  Emergency preparation for the vehicle.
2.  Evacuation - a.k.a. "Bug Out"
3.  Staying put at home.

*The above three I am going to discuss in three separate posts.
*In another post, I will also list and review equipment you will need and should have on hand.  
You would be surprised what you already have at home that will serve in an emergency situation.

Today's post is about my 52 week plan for staying at home during an emergency.
52 weeks to prepare, plan, purchase and set into motion.

Stock Up On Food

One of the best defences in being a "prepper" is stocking up on supplies.
I am preparing for a three month supply of goods and supplies.
Because of the cost of purchasing what you will need, do it over a 52 week period of time.
When you are grocery shopping, buy an extra item for your "stash".  Make trips into the dollar store  and buy a can of something or rather - can of veggies, soup or whatever works for you.
Keep in mind, be careful what you buy at the dollar store.  I tend to buy food there only.  
I buy my supplies and survival gear at major department stores.

As always, watch your flyers for food sales and special.  Buy what you would normally buy for you and your family, but now just add a few more of these items for your stash.
When you are purchasing your supply stash, keep in mind how they will be cooked.  Review your cooking method during this emergency time.  No hydro, means no stove or oven....keep that in mind.
I will talk about in another post, what equipment I will be using to cook my food.

How Much?
Who and How Many Are You Preparing For?

I am a family of three.  
I buy and stash what we like, what we eat, then determine a daily menu.
Three meals a day, for three people, for a three month period.

3 people x 3 meals x 3 months

Separate Your Stash

What works for me is to have my emergency stash separated from my day to day food and supplies.

How I separated my 3 main stashes:
1.  I bought a pantry for my "stay at home" stash.
2.  I have a shelf in the basement for my "bug out" bags.
3.  And a container that holds all my vehicle emergency supplies (I would have taken a pic, but it is out in the car....will get a pic next time I am out there!).

Within the pantry, I separate the three meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Each week when I plan my grocery list, I have a look at the meals already laid out in the pantry. and determine what I should pick up that week.

I rotate and replace this food every few weeks or so....if it doesn't get eaten in the meantime!

Eventually this pantry of food will makes its way down to the basement, but for now I like it upstairs making it easy for me to study each week what I need.

*If anyone is interested, I can do a separate post on what items I buy.
I also have just started to purchase "bartering items".

I found this website to very helpful when I first started to determine what to buy.

Check your Government's website for disaster info.

In Canada -  Get Prepared
In the USA - FEMA
In Great Britain - GOV.UK
Red Cross  - Red Cross - Canada

Explore Pinterest for research material, that is where I got most of my info.



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  1. That was really interesting Diane. I guess one always should be prepared for a natural disaster or bad weather by having a few necessities on hand but 3 months supply? Wow. That's a big disaster to plan for. I looked at the list of 100 things. My. I think we have some of them but not all for sure. I think a generator and spare fuel would be the biggest thing to have and the most expensive. I hope you never have to use your disaster kits! Hugs, Pam

  2. What a great post with good information! Since we live in hurricane country, we try to stay prepared although I can't say we are this prepared! I am going to start looking at this plan!

  3. thank you for your post offered some amazing tips and things that I had not thought about
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  4. I love the way you have it organized thanks for sharing what you have learned. I hope you will stop by and visit me too.

  5. I loved this post, it is actually something my partner and I have already discussed and is something I will be referring to!

  6. Diane,
    You are not alone in this planning. My daughter and her husband also have a plan. My husband and I have discussed plans-and I do have quite a bit of canned goods. I appreciate the time you are taking to prepare and share this information.

  7. Wow, so organized. I'll have to read along. In San Francisco area we use to be prepared, but nothing as elaborate as yours. I was there during 89 earthquake and I was happy to move to a state that has the lowest natural disasters. We most commonly have wild fires, flash floods, and terrible dust storms in which one does not want to be on the road.

    I'm thinking it's good to be prepared where it is very cold.

  8. A couple of years ago I never would have thought we needed a 3 month supply. Boy have things changed. This is a great post and I look forward to the next 2. I would like to see the list of items you purchase Diane. Thanks again for doing all the research for us!