Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alberta Floods

Prayers going out to all Alberta flood victims.

Scary stuff....we are with you.
Stay safe!!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper





  1. All I can think to say is...Wow! My thoughts are with them as well.

  2. hi diane,
    i'm getting back into blogging again...slowly... these flood scenes are too reminiscent of our early summers in IOWA. we had horrible ones in '93 and '08... my thoughts & prayers to those folks in Alberta... i just never gave it a thought that Canada had floods like us... God Bless..
    ^)^ linda

  3. This kind of goes along with your emergency preparedness theme Diane. It's just awful to see all that flooding in Alberta! Thankfully my family was safe from the recent flooding in Fort McMurray and as they are moving to Calgary in a few weeks their new home is also safe. Very Scary! Pamela

  4. Praying for these families! The weather has been so crazy everywhere. We even had floods in Texas last month and that sure is something you rarely see. Take care, Diane.

  5. That is scary stuff! Praying for the families here. There has been so much devastation lately, it is just heartbreaking. I really appreciate your earlier post on being prepared. It is a post to print and keep on hand. Thanks Diane!

  6. Oh Diane I seen you post on Holly's side bar and just wanted to say how sorry I am for the people in Alberta and I am so glad you are OK. Take care. The people of Alberta are very strong and that will get you all through. My thoughts are with you all as you try to get through this. B