Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Royal Wedding

This Saturday, June 8, 2013
HRH Princess Madeline of Sweden will marry American Chris O'Neill.

The ceremony to take place at the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The Queen of England maybe the head of our Canadian Commonwealth country,
but I adore the Swedish Royal family.
 They are very down to earth people and a loving family.

Madeline is fourth in line to the throne. 
She is just too adorable, an excellent role model and a very modern Princess.
She is the only Royal I know that has a Facebook page....such a clever girl!

I am wishing the Royal couple a blessed wedding and the very best to them!




  1. They sure are a beautiful looking couple!

  2. Another Royal wedding , I love it...
    We had the coronation of our King last month...lovely..
    Erna x

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Did you get a gooood look at that groom! BTW I enjoyed your home tour the other day too.
    Hope your having a great week. Hows the farm hunting?