Sunday, May 26, 2013

Decisions, Decisions......

I feel like a mad shopper......
Of late, I have been shopping for a number of things.
Big things.
When it rains, it pours type of thing.  I buy nothing for a long time and boom.....I need to buy all kinds of things at once!

So I am hoping you guys can help me with some choices.

Here they are....let's go.......

My number one item I must purchase is a new vehicle.
My other vehicle recently died on me, so I have been visiting car lots.

I have narrowed it down to two.

This nice looking jeep.
I have never owned a Jeep, so don't know much about them.
They are pretty though!

The other choice is this Ford Escape.
I have owned a few Fords and they have always done right by me.
My son is recommending this one.
Daughter things I should get the Jeep.....apparently it is more cool! 


Onto the second purchase I am shopping around for.
Living room furniture.
Because I have been renting a lot these last few years and moving from location to location,
I tend to buy off Kijiji (Craigslist) and then sell when I am done so I don't have much to move.
This time I want to buy, and keep.  When I buy the farm, I will pay a guy with a truck to move it then.
Unfortunately, I only have this one pic.
Forgot to take pics at the other furniture stores.

I was looking at either a brown, beige or grey colours.
Ended up going with a grey set (not the one seen in this pic).  Will be delivered on Thursday, will take pics then.


Bedroom furniture.  This is the tricky part for me.
I use to own this pretty white wrought iron bed.
I recently gave it to my daughter.
This is the only pic I have of it.  I originally was going to sell it on Kijiji (this was the pic I was going to use for the listing),  but Rachel wanted it in the end.

I do want to buy brand new bedroom furniture, but have made the decision to wait until I get the farm.
I was out the other day looking at this bed set from JYSK and am thinking of buying it for now.
When I get the farm, will move it into a guest room (one of the kids room when they stay over).

Again, of course, no pic, so this is the picture off their website.


And lastly.  Am thinking of buying this TV unit off someone on Kijiji.
They are even willing to deliver it to me.
I like it, but not sure if I am in love with it.  If I bought it, I could always sell it down the road if I decide not to keep it after all.

All right my friends.
Let me know which ones you like.  Your thoughts on each.
Which one should I choose?




  1. You are a brave gal to ask for opinions on these things Diane. :) First of all I'd go for the Ford Escape but it depends on the year of it so check it out on line. I think one year's model was a bad one. For the sofa, I think grey is the colour to go with as you can add any other accent colour to it. I like the new bed frame you chose but I'd get it in white ( for me) as it's more cottage style. The entertainment centre is a no for me. Too big and dark. Look around pinterest for ideas for old dressers transformed into a TV stand. So, there you go with 'my' opinions. I'm sure there will be other ideas coming in too and we each have our own style. Have fun shopping for what 'you' love!

  2. I don't know much about cars. But I was just reading about some explosions upon impact with the Jeep Cherokee. I know you're looking at a different one, but you might Google this one to be safe. I love the bed. I've been looking for a bed head and foot board for nearly 2 years. Where did you find it? I need cheap and I like simple!

  3. I always buy the latest "Lemon-Aid" book by Phil Edmonston. he is right on the money with his ratings of new and used cars. I have used it for my last 2 cars and am very happy with what I bought. You could probably get it at the library too.Good luck!

  4. Go with the Jeep. I bought one in 1992 brand new and still driving it. And in snow it goes like a tank. A lady I work with has had 3 ford suv to my one jeep. Good luck.

  5. I would go with the Ford Escape. I once asked a tow truck driver about his opinion between two cars and he told me NEVER to buy a Jeep. They are the number one towed car. Maybe you could do the same there. Call a tow truck company and ask them their choice between the two.

  6. I have a 2008 Escape and hubby has a 2006 Jeep Cherokee - both great cars. The only negative thing I'd say about my Escape is that it is loud. Lots of road noise when you go over 45 mph. That said though I'd probably by another one. Its never broken down on me. As for the entertainment center - I'd skip it. You're right it's not great and you're not in love with it :)

  7. I like the fact that you're asking what we think! This is fun...
    lets see...
    vehicle: Ford. Over the long haul...Ford stands.
    Furniture: Grey-- it's neutral and you can mix it up for simple changes.
    Bed: I have an old iron bed like the one it. I used to have a shaker style bed and frame similar to the choice you a guest bedroom! So I like it. Go for it.
    Entertainment Center: Save your money. Come up with something creative. Use the money for pillows on your new grey sofa! A girl can never have enough pillows. :) 2 cents, for what it's worth.

  8. Well, for what it is worth-Ford over the Jeep-hubs recommends the Ford. Bed is good, it could even be painted if you ended up keeping it and wanted to use it as more of an accent. Not crazy over entertainment center.

    Happy Hugs-

  9. What fun!!! I love giving my opinion!!
    1. Go with the Ford, I've had two Explorers, they are tough and never break down.

    2. Love the gray sofa in that style, you can do a lot with pillows and throws.

    3. Love the iron bed.....the other bed is good too, but get what you really, really like for a good price, you may have it for a long time!!!

    4. Forget the unit....too dark, too big...too ugly, you will hate it when its in your home....just sayin.....

    In my bedroom, the bed is on a metal frame, no headboard or footboard and that's because I have this dresser that I am in love with and is the center of attention in the room and I couldn't afford anything else!!! And it makes me very happy!!! So, get something you really love and pare down on the rest of the room.

    Let us know what you do!!!