Monday, May 13, 2013

Boarder Town

What happened to a month?
The last time I posted was a month ago and so much has been going on with me within this month.

One of the biggest changes was moving to boarder town, Sarnia.
The bridge above is the Bluewater Bridge that connects two great countries, Canada and the USA.
When I first moved here I wanted to live on the water side.  I looked but did not find anything within my price range on the waterfront.  So I did the next best thing, I found a sweet little condo located near the bridge, near the water.

Last week my children and I went down to the park located on the water.

My son Coleman and daughter Rachel.

Just in time for this Freighter to sail by.
Very cool!

It blasts its horn as it passes under the bridge.

That's me, exploring and enjoying my new town.

Daughter Rachel

Shortly after I moved into my new place, I was talking with my Mother on the phone and describing to her my new digs.
When I told her I basically live under the bridge, she asked me if I hear the passing of the big transportation trucks.
At the time I said I did not, but these days yes I can.
The quietest part of my day is the evening, and with the window open I can actually hear the rumble of their engines and the sounds their brakes make as they make their way, inch by inch to the Customs station.
  You see those big things on the highway, one right after the other passing you and think nothing of it.  But when they pass by you overhead and their destination is the country next door, they take on a different form of life.
A bit of a mystery.  You wonder where they are heading, which State is their destination.  How long they will be on the road.

Like any new place, I am trying to figure out where I want to place furniture, what looks good where.
What colour and style I want to explore.
I went to my local Thrift Store and bought this vintage dresser.  I took the mirror off and gave it a good cleaning. 
At the same time I bought a bar stool table and chairs.  Something different than I normally go with.
Have not taken pics yet, but will do soon and show them off to you.
  The table needs to be redone and I am thinking painting it black.  I was out at Walmart the other night and looked at getting black leather bar stool chairs to replace the ones that are there now, they looked very comfy. 
I am excited about this new look I am putting together.  Different from my country look I have always gone with.
 I will be keeping the country look when I buy the farm, but for now I am experiencing something new.

Glimpse of the table on the left...will get a better pic out soon.

You can see a glimpse of the table on the left.

Water down the road from me and water fountains in my home. soothing, on a large scale and small.

I am going to enjoy the summer living in this boarder town. 
I have always loved this community and will continue to search in this area when I purchase the farm.

And if you think about it......I live so close to the this boarder bridge that technically if I sat on the roof of my condo I could wave to my Michigan friends across the way.
So if you are in Port Huron, MI and happen to look across the St. Clair River and see this crazy Canadian's just me!
Don't be shy to wave back!!




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  1. Diane I've missed you on here. Oh my goodness, what a change in your life and location in a month. It looks like a great spot that you enjoy there as I know you have visited there before on your blog. Great pictures of your kids. They are beautiful! I see you're still farm shopping so maybe you'll find something in that area soon. Take care. Hugs, Pam

  2. Several years ago my son lived in Port Huron for one year. He had just graduated from college and wrote for their newspaper. It was certainly a different world than he was used to. From that experience it opened several other doors. On the Port Huron side right by that bridge is a nice bistro. We used to go there when we would visit. If its still there check it out!! I think if I had the choice to live by the water or in the country it would be the water for me. You're a busy lady.

  3. Oh, I know how much you love the water! I am really pleased that things are coming together for you. I would enjoy the romanticism of the machinery etc too! Good luck finding homes for all of the furniture!

  4. Diane, what a wonderful place to live. When I am in Westminster Quay, I always think about one day having a condo right on the river to watch the ships go by. Being on the border of Canada and USA is even better. I will tell my friends in Michigan if they see someone waving to them, wave back, it is my friend Diane. Lol. I wish you well and hope that things start improving for you.

  5. sounds like a lovely place to live. I'd love to see more pictures of the area. This will be a wonderful adventure for you and as your readers, I am sure we will enjoy it along with you.

  6. So pretty. My father lived in Sarnia for a couple of years when I was a child. I use to visit in the summer.

    I remember my dad taking the car on all the ferrys
    outside the city. I'm sure you will find a beautiful farm!

  7. My sister is moving to Sarnia soon. We have family living very close to that bridge as well. I always hear those darned garbage trucks rumbling onto the bridge.