Thursday, May 16, 2013

Am I Going Crazy or is This Menopause?

In the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, Evelyn states
"I am too young to be old, and too old to be young"
I can relate to this.

As my life flows into its 50's, I am starting to see a new me, a new Diane.
I think I can honestly say I found myself after my husband walked out of our marriage 13 years ago.
I was forced to find myself.

It was a time of exploration.  Mistakes, big ones and little.
What I could endure and what I could not.  What made me laugh, what made me cry.
It made me a better mother, a closer daughter and a stronger woman.

my son and daughter

 And I had also thought I was done.....I found myself and was finished.

 Like the changing of the seasons, so must we.
If I was a season right now I would have to say I would be Fall.
I am 3/4 of the way through my life.

Some days I look at this new Diane and think, are you crazy girl!
Or maybe it's just menopause.
I think my readers and followers after three years know me pretty well.
 I am bit gypsy, bit wanderer.
Love to purchase pretties, but rule my finances with a iron fist.
Love to explore new things, new places, but all the while want a quiet little corner of the world.

I am still those things, but more.
Happy. Calm. Content.
I have defined my life.
However, I find I am a little less patient, less tolerant, which is not always a good thing.
I have find toned my choices of which battles to pick.

 I look back on those mistakes and simply don't repeat them.
If something makes me cry, then it makes me cry.
If something makes me laugh, I think about it again and laugh some more!
Spiders don't scare me anymore.
But I still don't like to eat liver or drive in bad weather.  Somethings will never change.

So if the Fall is the new me, I'm glad.
I have always liked the warmth and coziness of this season.
I have always liked to watch things change.




  1. AGGHHH - 3/4's of the way through - can't take it lol ( I'm in my 50's too ) I don't think I'm as calm as you seem to be though - in fact I think I'm stark raving mad sometimes - although in all fairness I've always been stark raving mad - now I have an excuse at least!!!
    Much love,

  2. Love this - I feel the same way sometimes (FYI - I couldn't see most of your photos - not sure if there's a problem on your end or mine - wondering if anyone else was having the same problem)

  3. Surely 50s is half way not three quarters? I always think of myself as a third of the way through, but if you are two thirds maybe I am already nearly half gah!! Mind explosion....but you are only as young as you feel and you, Diane, are obviously very much full of beans, menopause or no menopause. A lady who lives in the moment. A woman after my own heart!!

  4. I loved this. It's amazing how the unexpected can sometimes be just what we never knew we needed. I am almost reaching fall too...feels strange with two small children(9 and 11). I am thinking the teen years might not mix so well with my menopause...which does make you feel crazy at times! Enjoy these cozy autumn years :)

  5. You've got it figured out. It's a wonderful time of life if you have!

  6. Beautiful post. I have missed you. I haven't been around either. I am catching up on what you have been doing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Diane, this is just wonderful. Some of the things you described are the very things that I love about getting older! If you have never read The Hidden Art of Homemaking, which is a blog written by my friend, Mona, you might want to search back in her posts to the ones about divorce. I think she shares much with you and I find her writing so inspirational. So glad that you found yourself. Sometimes, I think I am still looking! However, I am getting there - lol!!

  8. Diane, I LOVE this post...I just turned 60 and can identify with what you are saying here..and had to redo life after my husband of 22 years walked out on me...thankfully I am in a wonderful second marriage now...I am now your newest follower..nice to meet you...
    Love, Mona