Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Very Small Kitchen

I am enjoying my sweet little condo I just moved into.
Only problem is this sweet little condo, just so happens to have a sweet little kitchen.
A small and narrow space.

Have a look with what I am working with.
A very narrow gallery kitchen.

 And the dilemma I am having is were to put stuff, just not enough cupboard space.

 A pantry would definitely work in this space, but it will be tight.
I shopped around, my budget was to try to keep it at the $100 mark.
The one I liked best was this one from JYSK (this is not a paid sponsor, I have just been shopping there lately).

Nothing fancy.  
The other pantries I was looking at were a tad on the big side,
 but this one was a little slimmer and in my price range.
This might work in this small space.
I can always decorate it up a bit to make it look pretty in this room.

 So now the question, were do I put it?
When I pick it up and assemble it, I will move it around.  See where it would look best.
Maybe in front of the window, but don't like this idea too much because it will block the sunshine coming in.  It will also block the air conditioner/ heat vent.
Or maybe against the wall?  This may work, but it will make this space even more squishy!

If I am worried about the sunshine being blocked,  to the left of the kitchen,
 I do have some light coming in from the outside door.
Ignore the papers and such, they were headed out to the recycle box.

These are one of the little projects I am working on.
What do you guys think?  Little tricky isn't it!


Just letting you know, I ended up getting the Ford Escape.
Got a little advise from the mechanic at the shop.  See here.
A big thank you for those that left comments with thoughts and advice.
And yes, your comments helped tremendously.  Sometime you just need some friends talkin' to ya!
You guys are just too awesome!



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  1. Congrats on your new condo too! I like the pantry in front of your stove because maybe by the fridge it will cover your window light?

  2. Hmmm I don't like either position. Do you have cupboards that are filled with pots and pans?
    I would hang them on the wall behind you and use their drawer or cupboard space for other storage.
    You would only need to put up some nice trim boards on the wall and put the hooks onto those to hang things from.
    Or peg board, framed and painted. You can even hang little baskets and racks on the peg board to hold things.

  3. More decisions! I thinks it is nice that it is so light in their at the moment as it makes it look bigger and will help it to feel cleaner, if that makes sense? It may be small, but it is very sweet. Good luck positioning everything!

  4. The trim boards with hooks or pegs is a great idea!!! You can even put narrow shelves up higher to hold canned and boxed goods too.....you only need about 4 or 6 inches deep on the shelves, that can hold a lot of stuff. What is on the wall next to the refridge?? Shelves can go there too. Glad you got the Ford....can't go wrong there!!!

  5. I have a very similar kitchen in my townhouse. Luckily for me, I have a pantry to the right of the window (where your blank spot is)

    I personally can't cover windows!! So you have a laundry room you can put the pantry shelves in??

  6. Now that is a dilemma Diane. I like what Lori said above. Even a narrow white book case for storing canned goods on the wall opposite the stove would work and store your pots in the drawer under the stove. or in the cupboard. Good luck!

  7. A bookcase would be ideal - not too side nor too deep. Until you run across something you like better, you might be able to find a used bookcase at a thrift shop for under $30. Be sure to post a photo of the results! -- Jan

  8. Congrats on your new home! Cant wait to see your storage solution and where you place it.
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. Congrats on your home! I had a narrow kitchen like that when I lived in New York. Definitely don't block the window!

  10. I like it, but it is tricky, because I would not want to block the light, and there is much less light in the North than the South. I love the idea of decorating it, and if you do go with that can't wait to see what you will do.

    Have you seen these? I have a couple, and I love them.


    I don't know if an IKEA is near you or if there is one on the American side. These carts move. They are narrow, but hold a ton of stuff. If you don't want to see the food, then one could put all there pretties on it. Books, jars, etcetera. Amazingly sturdy. I paid only 49. I see they are a little bit more now. It comes it gray and turquoise. I use one for the bathroom and one for the library. If not for the kitchen maybe somewhere else. My house is just under 1100 square feet, so small.

    My spouse use to have a Ford Escape for work. Loved it. He has to turn them in every few years. Miss it.

  11. Tricky not to cover your window. What about re-purposing a dresser - preferably one with some kind of leg so it won't block you air vent?