Friday, April 5, 2013

Poor, Pitiful House

Once upon a time, there was once a pretty little house in the country.
Or so the story goes......

As most of you know, I own a heritage house in smalltown Ontario.
In late 2009 I bought and renovated the house.  It metamorphosed into a sweet, clean place to live.

Two years ago, I rented the property out.  The Tenants just moved out.  I will be putting the property up for sale.
It will need another metamorphose.

** Warning **
What you are about to see is not recommended for the weak of heart.
The next few pictures are not pretty.  Downright ugly.
Here is the property today.

Four broken windows

The Kitchen

the dining area

Originally all the walls were a fresh, clean white.  Now they are various colours.
I provided a fridge and stove.....gone.

Walls will need a coat of paint....or two.
Everything will go back to white, including the trim.

A corner in the kitchen.  Door leads to the side of the house.

The floors will need a good scrubbing.....there is mud everywhere.
Mud even on the walls.....not sure how it got there!

The Dining and Living Rooms

Four broken windows:
- one in the dining room.
- big picture window in the living room.
- two upstairs.

First I cried.
Then got a major headache.
Didn't get much sleep that night.

But I am a big girl.
I will prevail.
I shall paint.  
With paint brush in one hand and glass of wine in the other!  :)

The Bathroom

 This room orginally was completely gutted and everything replaced brand new.
Now this...even the bathroom mirror is gone.

The Foyer

What was once brand new carpet on the stairs, is now half carpet half food and stains.

I am going to attempt to pull up the carpet myself, then paint the staircase white.
Or maybe keep the banister as it is and paint the steps white??  Not sure yet, just trying to consider what would look best.  
The carpet is beyond steam cleaning.

Once there was shiny brand new hardwood floor.
Will now have to be scrubbed, with some repairs here and there.

So there you have it.
You all can imagine the work I have set out for me.
Lots of elbow work.  Lots of paint.  Lots of imagination!
Next week I am hoping to start priming all the walls and trim.  Everything is going white.
Both my children will be helping out, so hopefully the work will go quickly.
I also meet next week with my Realtor and the house will be listed on the market.
I do like having an investment property and have not ruled out renting again, just not right now.
Will take a break for now and think about another rental property further down the road.
As the rooms get re-painted and refreshed, I will post the work as I go.
Wish me luck!




  1. I had a house once that I rented and when the renters moved out, I was shocked! How do you even do all that damaged? I hope you had a damage deposit.

  2. Oh my...I'm so sorry. I can't believe all the things they took out of the house that they shouldn't and didn't even clean it up when they left. I feel your pain! Can't wait to see it when you're all done.

  3. Oh, how I feel your pain. We rented our darling three bedroom home we had just purchased from our daughter when they built their new home. We hired a rental manager as we were 1800 miles away. The renters trashed this home completely--and also moved out during the night and did not pay last months rent. We tried taking them before the Renters board in that city--they would not answer the door to receive registered letter. All in all it cost over $5000 to repair and replace damage and rent lost. Needless to say the manager lied and did not manage. We will never rent to anyone again. Our darling five year old home which was to be our home one day was a disgusting, filthy mess and we sold it rather than rent again till we could move. We also lost money selling it because of the economy. Oh well, BIG lesson learned...

  4. We once had a tenant move out - where I literally gagged for a week cleaning it - not fun to clean someone else's filth - by the time I got to the bathroom - I had someone come in and gut it and start over, it was that bad...........
    Not fun - BUT that's a beautiful little heritage home - I'm sure you'll be able to sell it quickly!

  5. Ohmygosh!!! It looks like renters are still renters no matter what country they're in. Okay, now, you renters who are GOOD renters, don't flame me here but I have rented to people who trashed my rental home and it was immaculate when they moved in. We sold it and have never rented again. Refuse to do it.

    But that bathroom is atrocious, honey. Didn't they EVER clean it. Looks like they didn't. You poor thing. I hope you have better luck next time.

    BTW, what is "heritage home"? I never heard that term.


    1. Thanks Connie for the encouraging comment my friend! A heritage house is just an older house, I used heritage because it sounded prettier!! Diane

  6. Oh Diane, I'm so very sorry. That is just a terrible shame the way they treated that beautiful old house. It was so nice when you lived there i remember. I wish I could come over and help you clean it up. Why do people do that?! Hugs, Pam

  7. I'm so sorry - that is terrible. I am a renter and I would never, ever do anything like that! I think you have to not care about a property if you are going to be able to rent it, but even someone who didn't care about it would quail at that mess! Never seen anything like it :( hope it doesn't cost too much xxx

  8. Oh my! What a shock that must have been when you found that. It's unbelievable how people can treat other people's property. I'm so sorry you have to clean up such a mess.

  9. Oh goodness, I've heard of this kind of situation with tenants! I once saw an apartment, a nice looking couple had rented from my friend and it looked like a war zone..besides the filth, it had huge holes in the walls all over it. Btahrooms that were black with filth..yuk..she called professional cleaners as we felt we were going to puke!! Your house has lots of potential, though. Hugs,

  10. I lived this nightmare and, believe it or not, your home is in much better shape than the one it took me 5 months to evict the tenant from! It's hard to believe anyone can live that way. And, yes they took everything down to the carpets and smoke detectors!

  11. I'm so sorry to read about this - some terrible renters make it hard for the many (especially) young couples who need to rent. You have your work cut out for you!

  12. I wonder how it`s possible to do this to another peoples property. Unbelievable.
    I wish you good luck and all the best.
    A warm hug from me

  13. Oh Diane...SO very sorry you are facing this. Please do not lose faith and heart...not all renters do this sort of thing. (Just the renters that come to you and me, I am guessing!) I have faced this same situation where the renters took EVERYTHING, including the light fixtures! The only thing of value they didn't take was the old clawfoot bathtub and I have a feeling THAT was because it was cast iron, extremely heavy and would not fit through the door! People are so odd, eh? Chin up darlin'! You are loved.

  14. So sorry that this happened to you! Some people are BEYOND despicable! How do they lack such consideration of other people's property. I am sure there is no way to recoup your losses...I have heard it is terribly hard to do with renters.

    I know you will restore it to it's original is just sad that you have to do so for all the wrong reasons!

  15. They did all that damage in 2 short years??? They were NOT nice people and I certainly hope you did NOT give them their deposit back.

  16. We own 10 rentals and honestly, most of your damage is just cosmetic...we have had damage in the amount of $ are a hard business. I wish we didn't have any but they are a good source of income but if you don't need them I would get rid of it too. Dianntha

  17. Oh Diane my heart breaks for you. Why would someone be so senseless and ruin something they do not own. The house is beautiful with great character so I know you will get her back to looking fabulous!
    Take care.


  18. For years my husband wanted us to have a rental property and I refused. I knew the headaches would be ongoing and he was too busy with work to deal with them.
    I am not surprised sadly. One thing....white stairs....I wouldn't. Constantly dirty looking with every speck of dirt showing.

  19. Oh, how sad! So sorry about all the work ahead of you. I can't believe they took the stove and fridge, and didn't clean up!

  20. I wonder what ever happened to the rule: Leave a place better than you found it! I guess it went out the window with the work ethic.
    I am so sorry this happened to you.

  21. Im not surprised its put you off renting again, but surely this is a rarity..I do hope so, and that it won't be putting you off renting out in the future.. buying a home is so hard for the young ones, so they do need to rent.. however these people were despicable and acting like this shows how much they resented not being able to own their own.. and in their jealousy took it out on you... my thoughts are with you and I'm sure it will look wonderful and pristine condition again... thinking of you as you do all that hard work and sending you endless cups of tea and hugs to help from across the pond..janzi

  22. What's wrong with people??? Ontario has really biased rules regarding rental properties. All slanted to protect tenants and leave landlords holding the bag. Thank goodness they LEFT. I had to get the Health Department involved before I could convince my bad tenants to leave.

  23. Oh, gack! How can people be so uncaring and nasty? I've never understood people who have no respect for other people's property! My mom was in real estate and handle rental properties for years and it was almost always a pain.

  24. Oh. My. God. How could they have taken all of that stuff?! Do you have any recourse? Especially for the appliances...they essentially stole them!

  25. I hope you have a good lawyer, or can take them to small claims court yourself. So sorry you had to experience this.Good luck with your sale and next move.

  26. Diane, you must have been so broken hearted when you opened the door to your beautiful little house. I certainly can empathize. We have just finished months of cleaning, painting, restoring floors, cleaning, replacing baseboards, fixing closets, and cleaning our upstairs apartment. It is finally ready to rent out again and we are dragging our heels. My husband and I were just up there again, admiring it. We are very afraid to turn the keys over to an ungrateful tenant, it took so much time, work, and love to get it looking beautiful again. I can only hope that the new renters will be appreciative and love the place half as much as we do, or at least clean it occasionally and refrain from breaking things intentionally.
    It might happen, I was a renter once, I know there are some great tenants out there.. just hope I find one.