Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tentative Farm Tours

Finally, finally.
As the snow is thawing and the warm spring air is settling across the Great White North, 
it is time to look at a few farmettes on the market for me to tour.

*All pictures are property of listing Realtor.*


Choice #1

Priced $239,900.
2 Acres.
Pro - Nice new house.  Above ground pool (kids like this!).
Con - No outbuildings.
I am thinking the price is rather high for the location of the farm and having no outbuildings.
If I went with this property, definitely try to get the price lowered.


 Choice #2

Priced at $234,900
2.34 Acres
Pros - Nice new house.  Has good size barn.  
Like the play gym in backyard, can change that into a chicken coop maybe?   Cute fish pond at the front of property.  Love the open, quiet country road.
Has 4 bedrooms upstairs and another in basement - plenty of room for blogging friends to stay! :)
Con - Not crazy about the location, but can get over it.  No backyard pool - oh darn!

This could be a serious contender.


Choice #3

Price $205,000
5 Acres
Pros - Tons of outbuilding including a fairly new barn.  Close to sister's summer cottage.
Lots of room on property.  Nice quiet, country location.  Inground pool -  kids will like.
Three of the acres are fenced - good for horses.
Cons - House is small, only 2 bedrooms.  Located way up North.


Choice #4 


 Price $242,000
2.5 Acres
Pros - Tons of outbuildings, a few are larger and in fairly new.  House is newly renovated.
Wood burning stove in family room - nice and cozy on a chilly evening!
Vendor is willing to provide financing in case the Bank completely laughs in my face! - Good to knew.  :)
Cons - Location is way up North, but closer than Choice #3 above.
Overpriced for the location, would have to barter with the price.

These four should keep me busy for a while.
Am very excited about getting back out there again and having a look.
Wish me luck.....which one do you guys like?



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  1. I like the smaller house set in five acres - land would be more important to me, especially as a fellow horse lover! Do you have any horses Diane?

  2. I like choice #3. With lower price, could you add a bedroom? Love the look of it and the acreage. Of course, I have no idea what "way up north" means!

  3. I think #'s 2 and 3 are the best. # 3 is small but you could add on perhaps. Such a tough decision for you. All the best with the search Diane.

  4. Depends one is nice, what's house like. Need to build a barn, two nice older barn pond in front of house is nice but you won't enjoy it sitting on road. Three is great and four is even better- but where is up north???? Those prices are cheap for our area, considered gta here although we are 50 miles from Toronto.
    I liked the house from before yellow brick farm house that you showed. Exciting time for you

  5. such hard decisions..but number 3 screams to ME
    a sense of soul and personality
    but see, we are all different in this area, we have to choose the place that speaks to each of us on OUR level

  6. Best of luck with your decision.......Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  7. Diane you will know immediately when you see the right one. I don't think you have found it yet or you would just know.