Thursday, March 21, 2013

1 Acre Farm Layout

Hobby farm layout?

 Found this article from Mother Earth News
Even on a small 1-acre farm, you can create a self-sufficient homestead by following these guidelines.
A layout with veggies and livestock. I have been looking at some property with 1 acre. 
Love the illustration alone. 
Gives me something to think about.  A little inspiration.

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  1. The illustration is very nice, it makes me want to find an acre and put a house and gardens on it.
    Have a great day.

  2. Wow that is great to see. Makes it so much easier to visualize what you might need and want.
    A lot of work though too.

  3. I followed the link over to the Mother Earth News article, Diane. Very interesting. If I was 30 years old again I'd probably go for this. I would like to have a small vegetable garden again, though. Nothing better than homegrown veggies. We live in the Colorado Rockies where the growing season is short and the cool nights present a challenge to some crops. Our neighbors keep a few hens and their eggs are so much better than what I buy in the store. While we will most likely not create a self-sustaining homestead, we do choose to live simply here in our 640 sf cottage and focus on enjoying the blessings we have. Thanks for sharing this post today. Best wishes as you consider your future and the possibility of a homestead.

  4. I love this Diane! Even 1 acre holds lots of possibilities. Some municipalities don't allow vegetable gardens in the front and in rural areas one has a septic field to think about, which in the depiction appears to be in front of the house. Oh the possibilities though! To have one's own veggies and perhaps chickens. Exciting. ;)

  5. wow, that looks like a lot of stuff on just one acre. Super organized for sure.

  6. I live on an acre. Not nearly that nice or well-organized, however! I can always dream....