Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Name Game

Notice anything different with my blog?

A name change.

It went from Cozy Canadian Cottage
13 Canadian Cottage.

I was having difficulties setting up other social network accounts, the name was to long.
So I thought a little change was in order.
Why the number 13?
Canada has 13 provinces and territories!  Simple as that.

And because I am making this change in the year 2013.
No I am not the superstitious type, 13 is a lucky number for me.
I was long considering making a complete name change when I buy my farm, so it might even change yet again.  But for now, it stays 13.
13 Canadian Cottage.




  1. Very good! I am changing the name of my blog too I think, just as soon as I get a new blog banner that I am super excited about! Xxx

  2. Great name - good luck
    Suzan ( from Quebec - a province which is currently driving me insane lol )

  3. Wow. That's a different blog name with a number in it but it makes sense Diane. ;)

  4. Wow! I am learning so much about Canada lately... I didn't realize 13 provinces and territories.

    Word to the wise...just live with the URL. When you change that-- people lose you and can't find you anymore!

    I went through that years ago...when I changed my blog name.
    I totally understand about the name being to long.
    Sometimes I think of changing mine again...but, I don't know what I'd like it to be.

    I like the 13 Canadian Cottage. Has a nice ring to it.

  5. 13 is a lucky number in our house ... oldest daughter born on the 13th

  6. I didn't even know about provinces in Canada, and yet it will be our holiday destination next you'll have to teach me a lot this year...
    I sure hope this number will bring you all the luck you deserve...
    Erna x

  7. Wow that is cool. I want to change mine but I don't know how to do it. Can you give a tutorial. My name is waaaaay too long.
    Hope your having a good week!

  8. Love your new name. 13 huh? Does this tie in with the haunted house ~ (smile and a giggle). Seriously, GREAT name ;-)
    those are my Ontarian feelings

  9. Love the name change...13 is a lucky number for me too!