Thursday, February 7, 2013

Starting A Small Business

Part 1
Getting Started.

So you are considering starting a small business?
Maybe a retail shop, a garage, an office, goods and services.
In this series, I hope to share my own experiences with owning and operating a small business.  
I am no expert, but I can throw some ideas out there.
This post is not a how to on running a blog business, but a small business from your home or outside your home.
I simply do not have enough experience running a blog business, but am sure you can find tons of websites that do.


At the Beginning
I have been in the wedding industry since 2005.
I opened this little business not knowing what in the world I was doing, I made so many mistakes along the way.
In the early spring of 2005 my brother and I were talking.  We were both in the Insurance business, I was a Personal Lines broker and he was a Commercial broker.
He was telling me about a new client he just picked-up.  She was a wedding decorator and rented out linens, he also mentioned she made just under a $1 million a year.
That got me seriously thinking of changing my career.  Changing my life.
Several months later, my small wedding company opened for business. 
By the year 2010, my business grew so big I needed a break, I was burned out.
So I took a few months off.


Getting Started
* Determine what you would like to get into.  Do some research.
 *Decide the name of your company.
*Register that name with the Government.  First do a name search.  The cost is relatively inexpensive, but worth the money spent.  You can do it yourself online or in person at their office.
*Register your business with the Government for tax purposes.  No matter if you are in Canada, United States, Britain, Europe or Timbuktu, the Government wants a piece of the pie!

What's Next
Okay, you officially have a business!  Yeah!!  
Now you need need $$$$$!
If you are a small business, you must think small business.
Don't spend major money on advertising, product or services.
There is so much out there that is free or inexpensive.  
Trade services.  Word of mouth.  Networking.  All very important parts of a successful small business.


Next week, look for Part 2 of  Starting A Small Business
We will cover advertising, marketing and the sane survival of running your business.



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  1. I am so very interested in your ideas. I am just starting a business and I could use all the info! I am excited to see what a success you have become and I love the pictures! Dianntha

  2. My son and daughter in law (to be ) are getting married and I have spent hours on the phone renting all those wedding goodies. Costing a fortune. We own an auction business and can relate to your small business. Enjoy your posts, look forward to getting them. Is it grimsby where you live????

  3. Great post. I can't wait for the next installment!

  4. I am very interested in knowing more and look forward to your next post of great information.

  5. Thank you so much! Your timing was amazing! I am thinking of starting my own vintage design shop. I am taking all the advice I can get! -Stephanie

  6. Diane ~ thank you for posting this. I have been thinking about leaving my job and starting a new business from home, but it's a big step. I am in the planning stages now. Hopefully.....

  7. Thanks for the info.My hubby and I have talked about this for years, but we can't quite find a niche we think we could actually make a living on.

  8. Diane, did you write this series for me? This is just what I've been looking for. I'm hoping to start a business online and out of my shed. Keep em coming!

  9. Thank you so much for your lesson Diane, it's a dream of me to start a small crafts and second hand books shop..
    Hugs from a snowy Amsterdam (Not as much as you have just an inch or two..But no train is running hahaha...)
    Erna x

  10. Great post. Thanks for sharing these tips. I need tips! I am following you on facebook now and on our Etsy shops too! How's your button coming along so I can put it on the blog?
    Any farm shopping this weekend?
    Have a great week,

  11. This is perfect! I would love to be able to go to markets to sell some of my crafts!