Friday, February 15, 2013

I Think To Myself.....

As the winter stretches on, life is pretty quiet for me.
One good thing about hibernating is you get to think.
And putter around the house.

I just put away my Valentine decor and am changing over my kitchen hutch.
This time I will go blue.  Was going to go with Easter, but I think I will wait for a bit.

I got this far with the display and ran out of decor mojo.
Will let it sit for a day or so and see what else my creative side will come up with.

I just finished painting this egg basket white.  When it dries it will join the blue decor in the hutch.

And of course big on my mind is the house renos I am waiting to start when the house is vacated by the tenants at the end of March.
Can't wait to get it on the real estate market.....see what comes of that.

I am still looking at the MLS listing for a hobby farm.  
A few farms have interested me, but must confuse I compare them to one farm.
The first farm I toured.

First farmette I toured.

Of course it was the only farmhouse I did not take pics.
I always think about this farm.  Everytime I think about my dream farmette, I always come back to this one.
Is it because it was the first one I toured?
I just really, really like this property.
I loved the newer addition on the house, but the older part I found to be very small.
Maybe I could rip down the older part of the house and build a new part, but keep the addition.

Part of the new addition - family room.

I like this thought, but as always when it comes to building my dream house is the age old - can I afford it? 
 Building makes me nervous.

I can't wait for the summer, I am thinking it could be a very busy and interesting one this year!
Am seriously considering selling the summer trailer as well.
I have so many plans for this summer and the trailer is not a part of it.

Can't wait for summer!!

So that's it my friends, just writing down a few things going on in my life as well as things going around in my head.




  1. It looks like you have some wonderful plans in mind for your future! Love the Blue!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do. Have a great weekend! I have painting to do this weekend.

  3. Your kitchen hutch is looking good...very pretty dishes! You have lots of wonderful options for the summer! Can't wait to see what you do! :)

  4. I like the blue and white theme in your hutch Diane. It seems fresh. You have some big decisions to make this year about housing. It would be a difficult choice for me if I were in your shoes. In the meantime I hope you have a great weekend! Pam

  5. Your blue and white china is beautiful! And so is the house you're going to remodel and sell.....but the thought of you selling that precious beach trailer is sad. Does it get warm enough at your beach to swim?

  6. Love your blue and white china. Looking forward to your house pictures. Such a charming house and so familiar. If you get that other place, please don't tear down the older part. It is beautiful... Love your posts

  7. That little old house that you want to reno....I am in LOVE with.
    I hope you find the perfect little "farmette" that you are envisioning.
    Will it be hard for you to let go of your summer trailer??
    I too don't think summer can get here fast enough.

  8. Maybe you continue to think about the first farmette because it's the one you really want? ;)