Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daughter Turns 22 on the 22nd!

My daughter Rachel turned 22 yesterday.
On the 22 day of February.

My first born, has always been a text-book baby.
She is smart, good natured and loves her family.

Doing what she does - construction sites!

As most of you know, the summer of 2011 Rachel was struck from behind by a vehicle.
She had to take a year off school for the exhausting physical rehabilitation.
She still struggles with it to this day, but puts on a brave face.  True grit this girl.

she and her brother in the backyard - the summer of the accident

She is an University honours student studying Architecture, Fine Arts and History.
She has won various awards for her Architectural designs.
She will be receiving the Duke of Edinburgh gold award for community volunteering.

Me and she when she was a toddler

A mother can not be more proud.
Happy Birthday my precious child.




  1. What a beautiful daughter and you must be so proud! Happy Weekend~

  2. I can see why you are so proud. Happy birthday to her!


  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Daughter's are very special indeed.

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is beautiful and obviously a joy in your life!

  5. Brave girl, hope she's had a lovely day!

  6. What an amazing daughter you have raised! You must be extremely proud! Great job. Beautiful daughter! I love the picture of her with her brother on the swing. So sweet.

  7. Wish your daughter a happy birthday! What a terrible time for her to have o go through, glad she's doing we'll....