Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Whispered Prayer

For a few weeks I have had something on my mind.
A troubling thing, but nothing big, nothing that was overtaking my life.
So I whispered a prayer to God.
Day in and day out, in my head I was whispering to him and didn't even know it.
However, in the last few nights, I have not been feeling well, not sleeping well.
So last night, I gave up the fight to sleep and came downstairs at 3:00am.
Made myself a cup of tea and toast.
Turned on my computer......and there was his answer, in an email!

This is what I whispered.
I didn't want the rental property anymore.  It was simply giving me so much stress.

In this post I gave a bit of a hint that all I really want this year is too save.
But since that post, I think I came to realize that I just want one cozy home on the range.
I wanted my house back, repair it and then sell it.  Put that money toward my new farm purchase.
Settle down, enjoy my semi-retired status.
But there are Tenants living there and I just couldn't evict them.  That was their home. And I like them, they are nice people.
I made my bed type of thing.....

But, last night in an email, they gave me their 60 day notice. 

 I knew he was listening, even when I didn't come right out and ask for help.
It's like when a parent knows something is wrong with their children, even when they aren't saying anything to you.
But most of the time we know what the problem is anyway!
So now I am on a new journey.  
I have to re-renovate that house.  Bring it back to its glory after the initial renovations were done back in 2009.
I will take lots of before and after pics.

Just goes to show, he listens even when you are not talking.
So I finished my tea, read for a bit, went to bed and slept like a baby!




  1. That's awesome Diane! God answered your prayers and now you know what to do. I love that house and think it would be lovely to live in. sigh. All the best!

  2. Beautiful! Always amazes me when things like this happen. Good luck with it all! Look forwards to seeing photos!

  3. The Lord is soooooooo good. What a perfect answer to prayer. Can't wait to see the redo. Hugs, marty

  4. Good to hear you can now sleep again. I'm sure you are having all sorts of ideas on how to fix up your house. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

  5. That's great! I'm happy you got your answer. Can't wait to experience this journey with you!

  6. That house is so familiar, we use to travel in that areA in our motor home, but wouldn't be that. I love it, look so forward to seeing what you do. God does answer prayers. God bless

  7. He always listens! How wonderful and what a beautiful place!

  8. Dear Diane,
    Isn't it amazing and heartwarming when God answers our prayers...before we have even asked? His timing is always perfect and I'm so happy that your faith was rewarded. What a thoughtful person you are to have been so deeply concerned for your renters. God has blessed your loving heart.
    Thank you for sharing. I found you on Brenda's blog and just love your cheery Valentine's hutch.
    Carolynn xo

  9. Hi Diane, God is so good, isn't he. Always hearing our prayers and knowing what is best for us. Have a great day! Gina

  10. Amazing post. Isn't it wonderful how things work out. I can't wait to see the renovations.

  11. That is amazing. Good luck with the reno and the next steps on your path to your farmhouse.