Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Single Girls Guide To Valentine's Day

A Mail Order Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day to you all, hope you have been having a romantic and great day!
I am re-posting one of my very favourite posts from Valentine's Day last year.
 A single girls approach to Valentine's Day.
I had so much fun writing this up.....sometimes you just need a laugh!!


A Single Girls Guide to Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day fast approaches, love and romance is in the air.

 However, maybe you don't have a special Valentine.
Maybe it is a day you don't particularly like?

Well no worries ladies....this year you get your own mail-order Valentine.
You get to pick and choose who you will love and admire this February 14th.


Here are some of your male candidates.


George Clooney

Pros - Smart, ambitious, wealthy, most handsomest man on the planet, 
Cons -  has commitment issues.


Gerard Butler

Pros - Handsome, Scottish, sexy as sin
Cons - too many movies, too busy - would he have time for us?


Hugh Jackman

Pros - Breath-taking, family man, Austrailian
Cons - can turn into Wolverine with sharp claws



Ryan Gosling

Pros - charming, Canadian, heart melting, sweetest person on earth
Con - might still be in love with Rachel McAdams


Matt Damon

Pros - nice looking, American, boy next door, bring home to mother
Cons - are you kidding, he's way too sweet to have any cons



Jude Law

Pros - drop dead gorgeous, British, brilliant actor
Cons - bit of a bad boy



Bradley Cooper

Pros - heart melter, American, funny
Cons - can he be prettier than we are??


  Josh Duhamel

Pros - tall, American, likes kids
Cons -  don't know, don't care



Andrew Lincoln

Pros - Amazing, British, handsome sheriff
Cons - none, he kills Zombies for a living



Richard Armitage

Pros - hunk, British, most romantic man on the planet
Cons - who cares, I will take him as my Valentine!


Okay, now that we have picked out our special someone, lets address some other Valentine issues.



Valentine chocolates.
It's very simple actually.......just go out and buy some....yum!

 People will think that you are buying them for your sweetheart,
.....which of course you are, because you picked him out yourself!
And wouldn't you know it, he doesn't even like chocolates, 
so you will have to eat them yourself - oh darn!


Date Night

So, Valentine's Day also calls for a romantic night on the town.
No worries, you will rent the most romantic movie in the video store.

 Ta night solved.



When you think of Valentine's Day, you think red roses.
This Valentines lets buy ourselves a beautiful bouquet of flowers, doesn't necessarily have to be red.
Pick your own favourite colour and flowers.

 Buy them with your groceries, slip them in with your loaf of bread and pot roast.
Myself, I am thinking yellow roses.


Romantic Dinner

Be a rebel, order pizza!


Myself this Valentine's Day, you will find me romancing Richard.
I will be having my pizza, surrounded by beautiful yellow roses, as I watch North & South!

 Happy Valentines me.


picture source - tumblr except were indicated



  1. I love this post! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Lovely Post and a Happy Belated Valentine's Day...
    Erna xx

  3. Happy belated Valentine's day!! This was a fabulous post... and yes romancing our self is a wonderful thing to do not just on Feb. 14th but throughout the year.. Hugs, HHL