Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Haunting Memory

Funny what you remember.
I love birdhouses.  
But everytime I look at one, I am reminded of one of the houses we lived in.
The haunted house.

Yes indeed, we lived in a haunted house.
Read about it here.
Ghosts climbing the back staircase.  Mother Mary protecting my son.
Any and all things supernatural lived in this house.  Spooky.

the haunted house

When we had had enough of the ghoulish poltergeist, we decided to pack our stuff and moved on.
But just before we headed out the door, it decided to leave us with one more story to tell....

The evening's blue hour had faded to black.  Son is sleeping peacefully for the night.
Daughter and I are talking quietly in the livingroom.
When I heard it.  
Some sort of ruckus in one of the packed boxes.
You must understand that the house at this point was scaring me....a lot.
So I am thinking.....now what!
I am terrified, but carefully and cautiously open the noisy box.
Out flies a bat!!

 It was living in one of my decorative bird houses.
And being the very brave woman that I am........I ran over to the neighbour!
He took care of the matter.
To this very day, each time I look at my lovely birdhouse collection, or any birdhouse, I am reminded of that haunted house.
A haunted memory indeed.



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  1. But it was such a beautiful home from the photo - and in the end it was only haunted by bats, right?

  2. Sweet Jesus ~ I would have been outta there in a minute. Lovely house, but I would rather live there ALONE ~

  3. Oh for heaven's sake!!! That's what I would have done. What a bird house tale!

  4. wow, a haunted house....YIKES. I do love the way it looked though.
    I can imagine how I would have screamed having a bat fly out.

  5. Ack!! Scary! I can totally relate. The house I grew up in had some friends that would creep around. Many people experienced it....many of those WERE sceptical. I was scared to be alone in that house as a teenager. Glad you moved! I don't think I'll look at birdhouse now without thinking of your bat!

  6. Oh, I remember your haunted house story well, Diane. Too creepy! And a bat in the house is not fun either. I never thought about bats living in my birdhouses in the garden. I leave them out all year now as I don't want bugs in the house, let alone a bat!

  7. After living with my children, a ghost would seem down right nice! :)

  8. Oh...I love ghost stories and haunted things. I am pinning that story to tell my ids. Hope you do't mind. :)

  9. Okay. Can we say "DEPENDS"??? Because I would have needed a pair if that had happened to me! Forget the neighbor! I would have blown past his house carrying BOTH kids on my back and never returned! Holy Guacamole! By the way...I collect bird houses. Are you sure we are not twins separated at birth???! Thanks for making me laugh tonight! (And pee my depends!)

  10. You did right- I definatley would have run to the neighbor as well!

    How SCARY!!!

    You poor thing.

  11. I love this story. I even went back and read the original. So cool. I would love to live in a haunted house, but hubby would NEVER go for it! He's such a chicken :)