Monday, February 4, 2013

A $2 Makeover

The other day I picked up this cute little caddy for $1 at the thrift store.
I had knew right away I wanted to paint it white and use it for my upcoming Easter decor.
So I made my way over to the Dollar Tree and bought some $1 white paint.

Here it is before.

My supplies.

And after.

I distressed it a wee bit.
Amazing what a little bit of paint can do!

A simple and easy makeover.
Kinda cute....for $2.



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  1. That is so cute! It is amazing what a coat of white paint can do. I have one I am going to paint this week!

  2. it would be perfect for all kinds of things.
    I'll have to keep my open for a box similar to that .

  3. Very cute! I can't wait to see how you use it!

  4. It is cute. Simple make-overs like this are my favorite. ~Susie~

  5. Cute, cute. I need a little caddy like that-to use in my kitchen. It is amazing what some paint will do!

  6. I buy those tool caddies whenever I find them and use them to hold geraniums in the summertime. That way I can move the colour around.

  7. My word for the year is SIMPLE.
    I like this simple make over.
    ...and YES! a little white paint can do wonders., I'm wondering what you'll do with this little tote?
    Curious, Pat

  8. Great find! Can't wait to see it done up for Easter!

  9. Looks wonderful! I can see this filled with lemonade glasses and fresh strawberries for a summer luncheon. Great find and a great re-purposing!

  10. I love the caddy, wish I could find one like it...maybe I'll cruise a couple of hardware stores, I bet they have them! Big hugs,

  11. My hubby has made me a few of these and they are so much fun to decorate. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it for Easter.