Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Has Arrived

The last of the Christmas decorations came down yesterday, New Year's day.
And now I am pretty much settling in for winter.

 Snow, snowy roads, snow storms, road and school closures.  This is our winter here in the snowy North.
This picture below is a shoot from my kitchen window.  I will stay nice and warm in the house for this pic!  
You can't see them well, but snow flakes are tumbling down.  Kinda pretty actually.

I am thinking later today or tomorrow heading over to the library to get some books.
Or maybe Goodwill, they always have decent books at decent prices.

I might even bundle up and walk down to the library.
Don my parka, wrap my nice cozy scarf around my neck.
Wear my pretty little winter hat I love so much, slip into my safe and solid boots.
Show off the mittens Mom knitted me years ago.  Now I am all set for the long walk.
If anything, I'll be styling as I walk downtown to the library!

Usually every winter I buy a bunch of books from the used book store, but this year I did not get around to it.
  I think I will try to save a few bucks and just rent them. 

Next week daughter Rachel returns back to school after her Christmas break.
The house will definitely feel empty.

My son is home, for now, and is enjoying his gap year.
He talks of apply for school for September....already.  I know it will be here before I know it.
He works part-time and is always out and about with his buddies.

I like this new house we moved into last month.
It is comfortable.  Quiet.
Like my Mother always use to say....I can hear myself think.



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  1. Your Red Rose tea tin is gorgeous!

  2. so glad I found your blog..I too am a Canadian blogger and the view out my window is snowy just like yours...I really love those plates in your hutch...I can't wait to see more of your new house...if you can, please come on by and visit me @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. I love the displays on your shelves and those dishes are a favourite of mine (that I don't have). It's very cold and windy here today so I only walked to the mailbox at the end of the driveway. I took down the tree this morning. Big job done. Have a great walk to the library Diane.

  4. I remember my mom saying the same about hearing herself think. Would love to be able to do that, maybe after getting everything put away from Christmas.
    I like the picture of the church, farmhouse with horse and sleigh, and snow.
    Happy New Year

  5. Lovely post to read Diane, enjoy your books and your beautiful new house...
    Hugs from a wet and rather warm Amsterdam ( 10 celsius...and that's what we call winter :) ))

  6. Do you actually have to rent books at your library or borrow them?

    I love seeing the snow. In pictures that is. We are having very psychotic weather here, which is not unusual at all for Florida. We have had more cold weather this year which is o.k., but it gets really cold and then gets warm and rains.....really cold and repeat! That is a drag as far as knowing what you're going to wear!

    Love your dishes!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Nothing like being warm and cozy in your house when the beautiful snow is falling outside. I love a fresh snowfall.
    I used to buy books from a 2nd hand bookstore them cheap and there were always Tons and Tons of books to select from.
    I must have 3 big boxes still out in the arena of them.
    Those dishes you had pictures of, well my mom has a set almost identical.

  8. Beautiful photos of your lovely wintery home. I love the rustic touches and I'm kind of crazy about rusty barn stars.

  9. Happy New Year, Diane!

    I so enjoyed the lovely tour of your cozy home today. Your pretty plate display is charming! Love the colours! I've been in Toronto since end of November and it's been c-o-l-d!! Not used to these temps anymore! Stay warm!