Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thinking about Valentines

St. Valentine's Day, a time of love.

Love is in the air.  
Flowers, chocolates and sweethearts.
Hugs, kisses and cards.
Secret admirers, stolen glances and wishful sighs.

Such a pretty time of year.
Think I will start to decorate my home red, white, pink.
Think I will start to think all things Valentine.
Think I will think about love......but first, I think I will go back to that chocolate part!  :)



I will be linking up with Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound 


  1. It is a fun time of year. I love the red, white and pinks too. I love these teacups. I thought they were the counter part to the Royal Albert Enchantment in blue. I just found this teacup and saucer (and listed it) So, now I know it's Lady Carlyle. Aren't they pretty? Your pictures are lovely. It makes me want to keep mine!!

  2. Sounds like you are quite the romantic. When I was little I loved Valentines day, the card exchange at school. The lovely cards my grandma always sent me.

    Now it's not a big deal for me. I do love sending MY grandkids valentines.

  3. Such sweet photos and pretty teacups Diane. I like the chocolate part too. ;)

  4. Red, white and pink? I can't wait to see...

  5. Those are one of my favourite patterns, lady Carlyle, although I don't have any. Looking for them. Enjoy your posts. God bless. Betty

  6. If you look hard enough, you can even find love even in a tea cup.

  7. Hi Diane, First time stopping by! Such a sweet little tea cup and saucer. I like the fresh pinks .. a real change from the dark, cold outside :)


  8. I really enjoyed your Pink Saturday post this week!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    I'm hosting a PINK THEMED giveaway, and I would love it if you stopped by and entered your comment for a chance to win some handmade items.
    Hope to see you there!

    Ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  9. Time flies, valentines is around the corner already.

    My PINK
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Love these dreamy and delicate cups and saucers! I have a sweet little collection myself and keep them on a special shelf!

  11. I really love that china. I will follow your blog and see what else you post


  12. Diane, Your post is so sweet and I love the lovely china cup and saucer. Very romantic.
    xo, Jeanne

  13. I adore that teacup.
    Just found your blog and now am a happy follower.xx

  14. ...........and time to send off a box of Valentine's treats to the grandchildren!

  15. Love the teacups. I have a collection of chintz teacups that I must find a way to display them instead of hiding them in the cupboard. Thanks for sharing.
    Missy M