Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Find Me On Facebook

I finally did it, I joined the 21st century and opened a Facebook account.
So now, Cozy Canadian Cottage is on Facebook!

Yeah I hear the crowd cheering......well hold off on that applause, 
because I am not sure the thing is even working!

I worked on it last night, was able to navigate around the page okay but I had one problem.
I was unable to "Like" anyone.  
I went to a few Facebook sites of people I knew here from blogland, and "Liked" them, but I don't think it worked....hmmm.

If it makes any difference, I don't think my account is a personal one, I think it is listed as a business.  Does that mean I can't "Like" anyone because I have a business account?

Other than that, I managed to got the nifty Facebook badge on my sidebar.....cheer for me once again!  :)
And I would love, love it if you would "Like" me.


Any help or pointers would be great!




  1. Hi Diane, I can't help you with all the ins and outs of the Facebook page but I did go over and "liked' you! I'm sure it will all work out soon. Hugs, Pam

  2. I can't help either with the technical side of things, but I "liked" you too!

  3. I'm not much help either. I just go my Facebook going too. I'd love to include you on my list. You can click on it on my blog. My blog will really be a bit both work and play. Such a nifty tool!

  4. Hi, what a sweet blog. I adore the jug and saucer set you have added to your etsy shop. As far as I know if you are using facebook as a business you cannot 'like' pages. You can create a personal account and have it attached to the business one and like people from there. Hope it helps :-)