Thursday, January 10, 2013

Farm Choices - Building vs Buying

The real estate market is pretty slim pickins for hobby farms at the moment,
but wanted to check in with you guys on my latest thoughts on the farm.

Every few weeks I take an hour or two out and stroll around the MLS real estate board for farm listings.
Not many up for sale now, but that is okay because it wouldn't be a good time to view with the snow covering the ground.


Over the Christmas break my daughter and I were talking about the purchase of the new farm.
We discussed my hope and projection for a spring or late summer purchase.
I also shared with her my misgivings that I have not really found anything I like up to now.

She understood, because she has come with me on each tour, minus one.
Being the Architect student that she is, she simply said to me...why don't you build?


At first I shrouded it off, there is no way I can afford to build, plus pay the price to initially purchase the property.
Up to now I was simply thinking, buy a farmette in my price range, do some renos, move in.

Then I got to thinking.

Wouldn't hurt to at least look into?
So I looked at things with a whole different point of view.

From the MLS online listing, only three properties were contenders.
The first one being 10 acres close to Goderich.  Love the acreage, but not sure if this is the area I wanted to head towards.  No outbuildings or a barn.
Sorry there are no pics I can share with you guys.

The second choice, is a two acre property right smack dab in the middle of the area I do want to buy in.
The price is okay.  However, no outbuildings or a barn on this farm either.

Realtor's pic

Wish I had a better picture.  I have emailed the listing agent to get some other pics.
The house is obviously not habitable.  The value is in the property.
Something to think about.  Just wish it had a barn on the property.

Lastly, is again two acres.  This one does have a big old barn which is a plus for me.
The house is run down and needs major updates.  I might be able to live here while the new house is under-construction.  Maybe, maybe not??

Realtor's pic

Nice barn

  If I did go this route, I would hope my daughter gets a summer job in an Architecture firm,
then she and the firm could design a house for me.
Something to think about.  I would love to see her work in her desired field.  Last summer she spent in school, just getting back from a year off due to her accident.
Anyone out there know of an Architecture firm that might hire her for the summer? 
Location doesn't matter....she'll go anywhere!

You see, I have given it some thought.  The only thing deterring me at this time is the cost factor.
Can I afford it?

Anyway, my friends.  There you have it build vs. buy.
Although it is just a seed planted in my brain at this time, I would love to build.
Start brand new.  How exciting would that be.  And if I had a barn on the property...well that would be just perfect!
So I will continue to think about building, but in the meantime will continue my search.


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  1. I'm enjoying following along with your search.

    There are some beautiful farms and farmettes out there - have you tried I've never used it for looking for small scale properties, but it might be worth a shot.

  2. This is so exciting! We have been living on our homestead for almost 2 years now and we love it. It took us a while to find a good property, and it isn't absolutely perfect so we are working on it little by little. Good luck in your search!

    Visiting from Home Sweet Home.

  3. Well, you have a new option now Diane if you have the funds. That barn in the last photo is great but is it in good condition? So much to consider when purchasing a small farm or property. Keep searching. I'm sure there's one out there waiting for you!

  4. Although I have no desire to live on a farm, I think my husband will eventually try to make me into a farm wife! We have some property and he loves to be there.......we would have to build. So we will see where that goes!

  5. I have always loved the idea of a hobby farm especially if I could find an existing old brick home on the property. I have wonderful memories of beautiful old loyalist homes dotting the countryside in southern Ontario.

  6. What a great adventure, and to have an architectural student daughter to help...wonderful! Love how you are sharing your search. How fun to tag along.

  7. I've been living on the family farm for 10 years now and can't imagine living in the city again. I wish the best of luck on this venture!

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  9. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  10. Should you find a suitable property in your desired location, would you be able to move your summer trailer there and live in that while you build? From one horsewoman to another, good luck in your search!