Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 12 Posts of 2012

 It's a small world after all.
 Looking back on the year 2012, it was a happy, healthy and good year for me.

 Lots of milestones this year.
My last child to graduate from high school, it may not mean a lot to some, but to me, I felt a big sense of freedom, embracing my future with so many new and different opportunities.
Turning 50, I have been this age now for six months and loving everyday of it.
Seeing my daughter return back to University after a year off from her terrible car accident.

My daughter Rachel.....the bravest person I know.

So much to be grateful for, and never taking anything or any day for granted.

Blogging is something I absolutely love doing.
I always seem to be composing and putting together a post in my head.  Whether I am working at home, driving in my car, it has taken over my brain!
Love, love, love getting comments from my blogging friends.  I read every single one.
I will confess I am nosy and always like to know what is going on with my blogging friends.
I read your posts, admire your DIY projects, laugh at your crazy life moments and extend a prayer when you need one.....or two. 
I may not always comment, but I always try to get to your posts.  I'm always around.

This year I did 149 posts. 
I was pleased with the improvement on my photography skills over the year,
but hope in the new year to learn more tricks of the trade. 
Some posts I had so much fun doing.  Some I was so excited to share with you guys. 
There were even a few posts I was a little nervous talking about.  Having a blog on the world wide internet is so public and when you are a very private person, it takes a bit of work to talk about real life. 
And it always amazes me so much, how we really are not alone. 
I guess it is a small world after all.

In review, I would like to share my top 12 posts from this year with the highest view count, and some of my personal favourites.


Coming in with the top views this year with 4529 view counts

A four part series,  Ghosts of the Titanic
The great ship might have gone to its watery grave 100 years, 
but we are still trying to understand what happen that fateful night.
This post chronicles the timeline on April 14 - 15, 1912.


Again the Titanic comes in at 4431 hits

First of the four part series, Ghost of the Titanic.
An introduction to the ill fated ship.
Most of the traffic from this post and the one above came from Google browser. 



I had so much fun putting together the Life in the Country series.
And some 2792 share a little bit of that fun and imagination with the 4th in the series,

 Country Bliss

Country Living


Number 10 in the series, Life in the Country

A Country Mile

Each week as I was putting this series post together,
 I could have spent hours looking at and choosing beautiful images,  as it was I could onlypick just a few.
One of my most favourite posts from this series, coming in at 2135 views.




Once again from the Life in Country, number 11 from the series, all things winter and white.

Winter in the Country

Some wonderful images, dreamy words.  Who know that winter could be so romantic!
This wintery post got 2025 view counts.

Culzean Castle



Coming in with 1544 views.  We took some tours around a few kitchens.

Dreamy White Kitchens

Inspiring images of white, pretty kitchen décor

At Home in Arkansas

At Home in Arkansas

If you know me, then you know this cowgirl couldn't resist all things cowboy....with a romantic twist, of course!
Coming in with 1474 view counts. 

Number 12 in the Life in the Country Series.
Who would ever thought that life on the ranch could be so glamorous and graceful!



How about some cozy tartan and plaid?
It enjoyed some 1376 view counts.

 Tartan Love

A collection of tartan décor, fashion and all around Highland envy.

Cabbages & Roses

Killyleagh Castle


You have heard the expression, you can never have enough chocolate,
well the same can be said about pink. 
Coming in with 1145 view counts.
An image tour of the softer side of pink.

Now for something a little different, I am listing my own personal favourite posts.


I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at anything I have ever written.
But here I presented the singles guide to Valentine's Day.

A Mail-Order Valentine

Sometimes you just have to have a laugh!
And admire handsome beauty.  :)

George - Some things in life are just too beautiful


One of my more favourable series

The Penny Heiress

The Canadian announced earlier in the year that the penny would no longer be made after October.
This got me thinking about saving pennies and what can be achieved by this savings.
It is a good series and I hope a helpful one.  With lots of pretty images thrown in.
I would like to continue it in the new year. 
Not only am I still saving pennies, but I also started saving nickels as well. 
You wouldn't believe how much pennies and nickels adds up too in time.
A pretty penny let me tell you!!

Saving your pennies.....anything is a possibility!


A series most dear to my heart would have to be

Hobby Farm Tours

As I save to purchase a little farmette, what a brilliant idea to take my time and tour a few.
I think it wise to see what is out there.  Weigh out the pros and cons.  Make decisions, change my mind.
And I am taking you guys with me every step of the way!

Billy Jacobs

So there you have it.
A reflection of the year just passed.

I want to wish all my dear friends a happy and prospective New Year!


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  1. Dear Diane, thank you for this wonderful and inspiring post..and most of all thank you for being my blogfriend and sharing your life with me...
    I hope you will have a great New Year's Eve and an even better 2013..
    Big Hugs from a rainy and windy but very mild Amsterdam
    Erna xx

  2. Thank you for your sweet compliments and kind words, but most of all - thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting because it brought me to your blog. I have spent over an hour reading thru your posts and I am not done yet. I LOVE all your stories and beautiful pictures. Your posts are so much fun to read. I have so enjoyed my visit and will be back often. Your posts are inspiring, sweet, funny, heartwarming and more. I can't wait to "follow" you to your next journey. Thanks again for visiting.

  3. This is a great review of your blog year Diane. I love the last picture of your name in the sand. I'm glad we are blog friends and I always enjoy hearing how you and your family are doing. Wishing you many blessings for the New Year ahead! Pamela

  4. Great review, Diane. I fondly remember your Tartan Love post. Excellent! Looking forward to following along in 2013.........Sarah

  5. You're sure to find that perfect hobby farm - and we'll all enjoy being taken along on the hunt!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Some interesting posts. I'm so glad you reviewed them again.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    Happy New Year!

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Oh great for those of us that just met you. I can go back and visit. I have loved meeting you and enjoyed visiting you! Thanks for sharing. I feel the same way about blogging. I love it too. I hope that I get better with my photo's too. You inspire!
    May your New Year be Blessed. Can't wait till you find a farm! I know how you feel about that!

  8. Beautiful summary of the year.
    Wonderful post !
    Happy New Year my dear friend :)