Friday, December 21, 2012

Murphy's Law

When it rain, it pours.
Well, you know Murphy's Law - if anything is going to happen it happens all at once!

 As you all know I was moving into a new rental home, beginning December 1.
A few days before the end of the month my computer crashed.
I brought it into my local computer shop and they were only to happy to show me some lovely and very expensive shiny new computers.
Needless to say, money was tight.  I just moved and Christmas is just around the corner.
I told them I would think about their expensive shiny new computers and went home to my pretty new digs.

By mid afternoon that December 1st day, I get a phone call from my family, a beloved Aunt has passed away that morning.  
They had been trying to call me all day, but as usual my cell phone was anywhere but with me. 
 I had forgotten it out in my car.

The days and weeks that followed just blurred into one another.

This same week, a horrific murder took place in a small town close to where we live.
  It is the same town I had raised my family. 
 I just couldn't believe it. 
 It was some sort of young love triangle.
Nicole, a grade 12 high school girl was murdered, she attended school here in Stratford.  
Her new boyfriend was shot as well.  He lives...but just barely.  
 The killer, an ex-boyfriend was charged with first degree murder and attempted murder.   

For a week I was mourning the death of a family member,
 and trying to deal with this awful event in my home town.
Then the unthinkable happens in another small town in America.  Newtown, CT.
I just could not process what was happening.

What a tough month.  For me.....for everyone.
I have settled comfortably in my new home, my Christmas tree is shining brightly, 
but must confess my heart and mind was confused.

I am a true believer in inner peace makes outer peace,
but for a while I was struggling to find it.
But find it I did.

I think of those 20 sweet, precious babies and I don't think I will ever process or understand this tragedy.
Six teachers that gave the gift of educating.  True hero's trying to protect their innocent charges.
And Nicole, know that there are 6 teachers in your mist I am sure would be more than happy to help with your grade 12.




  1. Love the Christmas pines in the blue enamel coffee pot AND the snow boy with the canes coming out of his head!

  2. You have been dealing with a lot this month and I hope you will find peace in the celebration of the birth of Christ. Your centerpiece is beautiful. I hope you are settled into your new home and enjoy your Christmas. Blessings to you and your children this Christmas. And I wish you peace in your heart. Hugs, Pamela