Friday, December 28, 2012

A Night At The Opera

I have always loved classical music.  A night at the Opera.  An orchestral classical concert.

I am a huge fan of the piano.  
When I was a young girl I studied the piano, not very good at it but loved each and every one of my lessons.

 I remember the first time I went to the Opera.
A young woman in my early 20's.

 I wore pretty much the same thing that I wore to the office.

 I quick discovered, things are a little more formal.

 Just glad I did not go in my blue jeans.  Although I would have been a lot more comfortable.

 Being a young woman, I did not have many opportunities to attend such formal event as this.

 Of course I loved every single minute I was there.  
Lost in the beauty.  
Seduced by the sounds.

 At around the same time I also attended my first ballet, The Nutcracker.


 It was fantastic, however as much as I loved it, my passion was for vocal and instrumental music, the symphony.

Soloists, choirs.

The piano, strings, right down to bagpipes.

Listen to this piece of heaven....from the movie, Sense and Sensibility.
I have attached a YouTube video of an artist playing it on the piano.

If I could be anywhere on a Saturday night, it would be in a balcony seat.


picture source - tumblr


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  1. Diane, beautiful images... I am a ballet lover! Wonderful and inspiring blog!

  2. Hi there! I'm visiting from "Show and Tell Friday". . .love your post on the Opera. I'm a lover of classical music and fortunate that my guy also feels the same. The whole evening, from dressing and pre-concert dining is a wonderful experience. These images really convey that feeling.

  3. Beautiful photos Dianes...especially Louis Armstrong ( my Dad's favourite..) and the Bagpipes...(my favourite..)
    Erna x

  4. I dearly love and enjoy most all piano music, but I am not big on opera.

  5. These are beautiful images Diane. I have never been to an opera or anything fancy well, except for singing in Carnegie Hall. LOL I do love bagpipes and classical music too.

  6. amazing post........Not an opera fan but love the idea of it, There are some though, ah a few pieces that just get into the soul,,,,,,,,,,,,for that reason I am always open to suggestion. I prefer ballet, the buildings are incredible.

  7. gorgeous images and commentary! we were treated to wonderful opera in paris recently--unforgettable.

    thanks for sharing, and do pop over when you have a moment! would love to have you.


  8. I'm not a real fan of opera, although I do love Phantom of the Opera and love, love that piano piece from Sense and Sensibility!

    I love all those pictures and have decided that jeans should be the new formal wear!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Beautiful images and commentary! I just recently went to see Les Miserables and it was so amazing. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you all the best in the New year.