Saturday, November 24, 2012

Farm Tour #3

So far we have taken a tour of farmette #1 here.
Then there was pretty farm #2, that really wasn't a farm  here.
So, let's move on to tour #3. A sweet hobby farm on two acres of land.

The farm included a side-split house along with three outbuildings.
 A large drive in shed, a chicken house and the furnace shed.
So far so good.

Large drive in shed

When I walked into the chicken house, I was almost sold!
In the pic below, the chicken house is the building in the middle. To the left is the furnace shed.

chicken house

Why....hello Mr. chicken, or should I say Ms. chicken.
I know zero about raising chickens, so it should be interesting when the time comes!
I mean, just look at them, their so cute!
Easy peasy....right!

Strolling around the backyard.

Awesome deck.

Ginormous pool.

The view from the front of the house.
Looking out to the gravel road.

We finally head inside.
It was a sweet home.
But sorry to say, not the home for me.  It just wasn't what I was looking for.
Nevertheless, lets take the tour anyway.

The front foyer.

The livingroom to the left of these stairs.

The kitchen.

The diningroom off the kitchen.

Family room off the diningroom.

The house just seemed to go on forever. 
There were four bedrooms upstairs. A den downstairs. Main floor laundry and a big, big basement.

I did consider this house, giving it lots of thought.  But in the end,  just too many changes and renovations.
I was already tearing down walls, re-doing floors and carpet, making this room larger and that room smaller.
Expenses that would run me a lot of money.

Those of you that are taking these tours with me agree that a forever home is a thought process and not to be rushed. And that is exactly what I am doing.
This is the time for me to shop around. It has to be financially affordable and practical.
I hope to get a small farm with a couple of horses and of course, some of those cute chickens! :)

I want privacy, yet close enough to a small town and down the road from that, a bigger Metropolitan for major shopping.

So I look and I wait.
This property had everything I was looking for, the privacy, the space, a chicken coop, the small town, the bigger town not far, but the house just wasn't right for me.

So the hunt for farm tour #4 continues.
I will be taking a bit of a hiatus from farm hunting. 
With me moving into a new rental house and Christmas just around the corner from that, I will be a busy lady for a while.
But as always, will keep you in the loop.



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  1. It looks like a very nice house, but it appears to lack the 'cozy' feel, even in pictures. I agree that it would probably take a lot of time, and money to get it the way you would like it.
    Keep looking! Your hobby farm is out there.

  2. The right house/land combination will appear - just keep looking!

  3. You need to be picky when looking for the forever house. That one looked really big and not warm and cozy.

  4. I agree that you will know the right place when you find it, and that you mustn't compromise if you can possibly avoid it!

  5. Thanks for the prayers. Dog seems better tonight still trying to figure her out. Cowboy has been on the couch all day. I did come by yesterday and read your post but I didn't comment. I am sorry this one didn't work out either. Well now you can focus on Christmas. I am sure after the New Year the prefect place will show up. I always enjoy visiting. You entertain and Bless.
    Have a Beautiful week. Oh I meant to say if you haven't stopped over on Mondays come by I always do a horse mosaic. You'll enjoy.

  6. I love farms. I will be so picky when i get to buy one :) We are renting now. Come link up at the French party! Xo

  7. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!