Monday, November 19, 2012

Horse Therapy

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Ours was a busy one. 
We toured two farms up for sale, gave a dinner for my mom's 75th birthday,
did a little bit of packing and even got in a bit of shopping here and there. 
Busy, busy.
The second farm tour I will get pics out shortly.
In the mist of all this busy chaos, we manage to get a little bit of horse therapy in.
Daughter Rachel had accompanied me on this particular farm tour.
On our way back home Rachel was a little tired and sore.
Since her accident the summer of 2011, her life has drastically changed.
Once an avid horsewoman, she has not been back in the saddle since.
 I know she misses that life terribly.

After the tour, as we were driving home we passed a tack shop.
She sighed and said she misses riding and horses in general.

I made an immediate decision right there and then, braked and turned around.
I know there would be beauties out in the pastures on that bright, warm beautiful day.
And there they were.

The owner of the shop was very happy to talk us into buying this blonde beauty, Diamond.
But sadly it is an expense I can not afford right now.
I might consider it when we get closer to buying the farm.
She was such a mild and calm pony.

I know that Rachel would have loved to get in the paddock with them.
If she could she would grab a comfy chair, a good book, a couple of dogs 
and sit right there amongst all the animals she loves.
But as it is, she just enjoyed them from the fence.

For almost two hours, with the horses and shopping inside the tack shop,
we were ready to leave.  We bought a few horse brushes and some equestrian decor.

Put her in the company of a few horses, and Rachel was one happy girl!
Thank you Diamond for visiting with us.  :)

Horse therapy indeed.


  1. It is such a shame that Rachel cannot enjoy riding at the moment. Will she be able to eventually? It does sound like you had a good visit though.

  2. What a smashing mother you are!!!!.... I was so pleased that you turned around so that your darling girl could get some horse therapy for her soul... not to be able to ride, after being able to, must have taken a big bit of her life away from her.. is there no way she will ride in the future, maybe when her body is fully healed? In any case, I thought you were so good to do that for your girl, but I guess thats what mothers do, when their little darlings are a bit low... they go that extra mile to make things better for their kids.... I am sure she really appreciated and loved you for making that effort... Hugs to you all from across the pond.. Janzi

  3. Beautiful horses! I pray your daughter gets back to riding one day. Thank you for your visit today!

  4. I have hardly any experience with horses myself, but I know how wonderfully healing animals are. Good for you to give your daughter the chance to commune with them.

  5. Diane, if house # 2 could be on house # 3's lot then it would be perfect. # 2 is beautiful although I didn't like the choice of wall colours at all. I hope your daughter can get back on a horse again one day. Pamela