Monday, November 5, 2012

Her Most Humble Servant

I have been a very busy lady of late.
I have been working away pulling together my new Etsy Shop for the last few weeks.
When right in the mist of this new adventure, I get a letter from Her Majesty The Queen.
Yes, that's right The Queen.

 No we are not kindred spirits, however having said that,
 something tells me if I was in her royal circle we most certainly would be.
Anyway, last spring I wrote a letter to HM congratulating her on her 60 year reign on the throne.
I also told her that I too was marking a milestone with my 50th birthday.

 Alas, time past and I sort of forgot about it, never expecting a letter back at all.
And then last week, I go to the mail box and there it is.


I thought I would share this cute experience with you all and put together a royal cup of tea.

 While I sipped my very English tea from my very English teacup, Wedgewood Royal Homes of Britain
I read the Diamond Jubilee pamphlet that Buckingham Palace enclosed
 along with a very sweet letter from HM's Lady In Waiting.

It is very exciting receiving a letter in the mail from Buckingham Palace.
I wonder if the people in my hometown post office thought I was some sort of VIP Canadian!  :)

You will notice they referred to me as "Mrs" Craig.
I failed to mention to her Lady In Waiting that I returned back to my maiden name after my divorce.
But that's okay, an easy mistake I am sure.

In my letter to HM I talked of growing up singing "God Save The Queen" in the classroom.
How, at a very young age discovered she lived in a far away Palace,
and that pretty much how I began my lifelong love affair with grandeur houses.
I assured her how proud I was to be a member of the Commonwealth.
And wished her many more happy and glorious years.

So now that I am a VIP Canadian getting regular mail from The Queen, I think I should request from her an aristocrat title.
I am thinking The Countess of Bristol.
You must understand that my Grandfather came from Bristol, England, and he was very aristocratic in nature.
The Countess of Bristol is, in my opinion, my rightful title.
And while your at it, throw in the Baroness of Ontario as well....what the heck.
I think that I deserve such a position because I am after all her most humble and obedient servant.
Let's not forget I and HM are now kindred spirits.
I really don't think this special letter from Buckingham Palace has gone to my head at all!!  :)

But seriously I was very honoured to received such a lovely letter.

Signing off, your most humble servant,

Lady Diane

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  1. How nice to get a reply to your birthday wishes, something for you to cherish and bring out over tea from time to time.

  2. I feel so special knowing a blog friend that corresponds with the Royalty. That is a lovely keepsake to receive.

  3. I just love this post Diane...
    Erna xx

  4. Diane, how lovely to receive a letter back from the Queen! My mother would be beside herself should she get a letter from Her Majesty as she has been enamoured by royalty her whole life.
    The pamphlet is wonderful and a real keepsake. I'm thrilled for you!
    I have that very same teacup and I love it! It was the very first piece of blue transferware I ever found. It's a lovey cup, and thank you for sharing it with us along with your exciting news. Hope you have a fabulous week, Lady Diane!


  5. That is wonderful Diane. What a great keepsake to have and proudly share with your family and friends. A lovely post! Hugs, Pamela

  6. How cool is that! Loved this post. Your teacup is surely pretty too - is that Old Britain Castles?

  7. I love it! I would be so honored. Thanks so much for sharing it, Lady Diane!


  8. Hi Lady Diane!
    How exciting to receive a letter back from the Queen. Your tea tray is so lovely and thank you for sharing your experience.

  9. LADY DIANE......rightfully named.

    Tha is very very cool. My heart would have been doing flip flops when I saw that in the mail.
    I am glad you shared it with us....
    your loyal subject from Alberta.

  10. Wow, that is certainly an honor for sure! Yes, I do believe you should be "Lady Diane".

  11. What a lovely thing to receive! I too would have been so excited! Now you have a new treasure. Thank you for sharing. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  12. What a very special treasure! Congratulations for receiving something I know you'll treasure. As Brits we have had the Union Jack flying a lot this year!

  13. What a fun post to read with my morning coffee! :)

  14. Wow Lady Diane that is so special! I loved your post today! Take care.


  15. That is such a thrill. You are very special. Now you can proudly look back and smile and enjoy your royal cup of tea. Thanks for sharing.

  16. How wonderful to receive a letter from the Queen. I am very excited for you. And Happy Birthday to you too!

    Jocelyn @

  17. Goodness, I wonder how many letters they receive every year? How fun that they responded to yours :)

  18. What an incredibly lovely post. Congratulations on the opening of your Etsy shop. May you have many sales and great success. The letter from the Queen, cool. What an incredible experience. I totally think you should request the title Countess of Bristol.

  19. What a wonderful treasure!! Great post!