Saturday, November 17, 2012

Farm Tour #2 (That Wasn't Really A Farm)

You'll be proud of me,  I remembered my camera this tour
and took a few pics for you guys to have a look.
I can tell you right away, this house will not be in the running.
The property it turns out was in a small hamlet and not in the country at all.
The house was pretty enough, but I do want a few acres for me to keep horses and chickens.
So enjoy the tour anyway - there are a lot of pics, so grab a cuppa.
Pretty house with just as pretty grounds.
Why.....hello Mr. Shakespeare.
This home was very close to the Shakespearean town of Stratford.

Let's head inside.
The livingroom

The library
Heading into the diningroom from the library.
The diningroom
One of the bedrooms
The washroom
The kitchen
So there you have it, farm tour #2.
Unfortunately it turned out not be a farm, but all the same it was still a nice tour.
Daughter Rachel was very impressed with this house.
Both she and I picked up some excellent decorating ideas.
It has been a very busy weekend for me.
I took another farm tour.
I am trying to get as many tours in as I can before the snow hits.
So I will get out the pics of farm tour #3 shortly.
Farm Tour #3
Stay tuned for farm tour #3....coming up!
If you missed farm tour #1, click here

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  1. Too bad it's not a farm :( I love the house!

  2. I loved the house.......I especially like the way the light fixture in the foyer has that decorative thing at the ceiling....( I don't know what it's called)....... The bathroom was really neat too!

  3. I absolutely love the house, just lovely. I didn't see anything I didn't like, the bathroom storage is wonderful, as are the grounds. Too bad it is not in the country. Location is the one thing you cannot change, so of course you must find the right location and the right amount of property to make it the perfect place. Too bad, though, cause I really love that house!!

  4. It is a beautiful house, just a shame that it didn't come with the land you want. It is always frustrating when that happens.

  5. Wow that is a beautiful home. Decorated beautifully too. I don't think I would want that long flight of stairs though.

  6. Hi Diane,

    I LOVE THIS HOUSE! Too bad it isn't right for you. It had me at the front hallway; how pretty. The bathroom, kitchen and library are very cozy. Love all the colours. It has a lot of potential.

    Looking forward to tour #3!

    Happy hunting!