Monday, October 15, 2012

Farm Tour #1

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Mine was a busy one, did a bit of shopping and got caught up-to-date with my shows.
What a shocker on Downton Abbey.  What a shocker on The Walking Dead.  Great shows! :)

Anyway, as you know I am in the market to purchase a small hobby farm. 
I toured my first farm.
I regret that I did not get any good pictures with my camera.  I forgot it!
I was so mad at myself I could spit!!  Not only did I want to show you guys,
but I like these pics to use as references.
So I am using the pictures from the Realtors website.

Of course I fell in love with the farm immediately.
Wide open spaces.  Beautiful home and grounds.  I would have bought it in a second.
That is, the old me would have bought it in a second.  The new me, is not quite so spontaneous.  
I spend about two hours touring the house, grounds and Quonset.

I was loving every minute there.  In heaven.
But there were a few things here and there that I knew would have to go on my con list.
So I went home and slept on it.....well slept on it for a few nights.....big decision.
As much as I loved the property I thought there was just too many things I did not like.
For one, the rooms were too small.  Every room, except the new addition where the family room was.

family room

Try as I may, I just could not strategically place my furniture in each room without it looking all squished. 
Too many windows. 

living room

While most of the time that is a good thing, there were just too many windows
and not enough walls to put furniture against.
I know furniture can be place in the centre of rooms,
but in these particular rooms it would only block entrance ways.

living room

Bedrooms may have had a spectacular room with a view,
 however getting a queen size bed in the largest of the rooms would be impossible,
and it would be hard to move around.

master bedroom

The kitchen was nice, but by no means a country kitchen.


The farm boosted a huge Quonset.  Excellent idea for a horse arena.


 However on the property was a very large drive shed
(sorry no pic) belonging to the present owner.  A building not included in the sale. 
This particular building would be busy each day with farmers coming and going,
and with tracors and other large machinery coming and going. 
Not exactly what I had in mind for peace and privacy.


So as lovely as this was, I think I will move on to hobby farm #2. 
I am looking, but so far have not seen anything that I wish to this time anyway.

front deck

Will keep you posted.

**Update - Did end up putting an offer in on this property, but was outbid.**




  1. I'll be following with interest. I love house 'shopping' and sometimes get itchy feet!

  2. That is so disappointing Diane. I agree about the size of the rooms. The porch/veranda is the best selling feature in that house. There is something out there for you. ;)

  3. This s so fun that you are including all of us on this Dream Search of yours.
    I love that deck that's for sure !!
    Have I ever told you MY WHOLE HOUSE is only 950 sq. feet. No basement. No garage (what was hubby thinking when it gets to be 30 below zero here?????
    We do have a MONSTEROUS arena though.
    ha can see where his priorities lay. his defense, he built it before we got back together.

  4. Glad you are taking your time and really thinking it through. It is quite a commitment.
    Diane I would like to suggest you link your email to your blog so that when you comment on someones blog (like you did on mine this morning)we can reply to you. Right now you are are just a no-reply email.

  5. We live on what we fondly call a farmette. When we knew it was time for a move, we looked for a year. One day, just ran across the property we live on now....saw it...bought it the next day. You just know it when you see down or not. :)

  6. Hello, Diane,
    I think you are very lucky that you will be getting farmhouse. I also think you are very smart to think about the things you don't like.
    Here are my thoughts from the pics and comments you have posted.
    Furniture placement is a big problem, and if you can't see how yours would fit, then that is a bad sign.
    Next, I HAVE to have bright and airy. The rooms from the pic look kinda dark, even with all those windows. So that would be a definite no for me.
    I agree with you on the kitchen, too. Too much wood, and not a cozy, farmhouse kitchen. :)
    Just my thoughts, but the outside is beautiful.
    Can't wait to see more "options" :)

  7. This is very exciting. One of my friends has done something similar in NZ, she is having a wonderful time.