Thursday, October 4, 2012

And I Think To Myself....

For a few years now, I have been budgeting for and planning to purchase a home.
Not really seriously though, I have had so many irons in the fire in the last few years, that I think of it on and off. 
However when I do think of this new home, I think of it as my “forever home”.

I think forever, because as I age I like to think security. 
 I want a little bit of money nestled away and I would like an investment that is my home.  
 I am a woman who saves and invests and I think I have done not so badly in these last years.  

As some of you know, I do own a heritage house, but rent it out (here and here).
 You might think that I should move into this house, but I kinda like this monthly money coming in.
  It is serving me well financially. 

You all know how I like to save, not always in the most conventional ways, but it a method that has worked for me over the years.

Now let’s talk about this “forever home” and what I have so far.
Up until now, I have always and only thought about buying a cute little house in a subdivision somewhere. 
 A cute little home to welcome my family for holidays.  A cute little garden.  A nice quiet neighbourhood.  
 So forth and so forth.

Well, the other day, my equally financially savvy son and I were talking about things we are saving for.  He is set on buying a vintage car.  He went on to show me a vintage car listed for sale on Kijiji.  As I read over the description I noticed that the car was not finished and was a “project” car – buy it and fix it up.  When I asked son about it he said that is common lingo for those that are in the market for vintage cars.  He would buy it and fix it up over time.  
 A project......I liked the idea.

Then I got to thinking…..

I want my forever home to be a "project" hobby home. 
A small farm.  A project hobby farm – buy a few acres and build it up over time.

Now you all know how much I love my horses.  But I have never considered buying a small farm as a single woman.  I always thought it would be too much for me.  Not anymore.  I can buy a small farm and add outbuildings and such in time.  Brilliant.  I am very excited about this and have even started to look at real estate listings. 
I like this idea, gives me a great goal!

Maybe something under eight or ten acres.  
So,  I can still have that cute little house.  A cute little garden.  A quiet neighbourhood.  Only now I changed it up a bit.  I can add some horses……two horses at least, to keep each other company.  A few chickens for some fresh eggs.  A couple of dogs.  Some barn cats. 

Now, I am a woman who does not rush in.  To me, it is all about baby steps......and time.
I will take my time.  Do my homework.  Shop around.  Look at the pros and cons.
You get the picture......invest wisely.
But it would be nice to finally buy my forever home within the year.....I like that goal as well.

These days, I read and watch real estate listing for anything that sounds interesting.  When I do, I will contact the realtor, bring my camera and take you guys along for the tour. 




  1. Look forward to seeing it unfold...

  2. Diane, that sounds like a wonderful dream to pursue! A small hobby farm and a fixer upper and a few animals would keep you busy and content. There was a small 4 acre plot for sale near us recently with a 100 + year old house on it. The price was $99,000. Yep. you heard right. It has been sold and someone is adding on to the old house and they will have horses one day. We could have been neighbours! I can't wait to hear your progress on the search for your perfect piece of paradise.

  3. Dreams do come true!! You put your mind to it. Then there's all that work. All the best. Happy Thanksgiving! Linda

  4. Glorious dream and from what I read on your blog, you make dreams come true and are unafraid! I know you will find the perfect forever home!

  5. Your dream property sounds like heaven. I hope you find it!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful plan, Diane. I will enjoy seeing the spots you visit. We hope to do this when we retire, in the Grey Bruce area of Ontario.

  7. oh boy....going through this selection, goal setting process with you will be fun I think.
    Sounds like you DO have a good head on you.
    We no have 1/4 section (160 acres).
    I am not sure if this will be our forever home, we don't need that much land. We lease some out to crops, and some to cattle.
    But we have only been on it for 3 years, and it is FUN to see the improvements we make over time.
    So, It may be hard to leave that...if we do.

  8. You will know the right place the minute you see it. Bam. Just like that.
    I look forward to tagging along for the ride.