Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Simple Sort of Life

The Hobby Farm

Billy Jacobs

 Last week, I talked about my goal to purchase a hobby farm.
I talked my hearts dream of a "forever home".

As the week progressed, I have been able to give a ton of thought to what it is that I want in a hobby farm.
The realistic costs, pros and cons and a lot of other random thoughts here and there.

I am very excited about this new journey in my life and can't help but yak away to anyone who will listen!
My son asked me the other day what kind of farmhouse style am I looking for?  Two story, bungalow, back-split?  
I told him I would love, love, to get a house exactly like Hershel's from my fav TV show,  The Walking Dead!  
Of course, me and a million other people would love to have that farmhouse!
As most of you know I am a huge fan of the TV show.  I fell in love with the farmhouse last season instantly.

Hershel's farmhouse - The Walking Dead

What am a looking for in the hobby farm?
I am looking for a simple farm.  
A few acres - don't want a lot of grass to cut.
A decent space for a horse pasture.
A nice house and in good shape.
A good, sturdy barn would be nice.
That is it in a nutshell, a simple sort of farm.

Now, onto what I am looking at this week.

So up for review are two farms.  I did have five, but in the end, narrowed it down to the two.
But let's first have a look at one of the farms that got away.  I fast fell in love with this sweet thing, but alas it has an offer on it and is likely sold, according to the agent.  
But I thought you might want to have a look at it anyway.

These pictures are from the Realtors website.

Sweet barn!

But unlike Hershel, I will not be keeping Walkers in mine (giggle).


Just a little The Walking Dead  humour for those out there that watch the show!

Anyway, let's move onto the house I am seeing tomorrow.

These pictures are the Realtors.
Tomorrow I will bring my own camera and bombard you guys with a ton of them!

The barn.
Or whatever they call this type of outbuilding.

I am excited about touring the farm tomorrow - like a kid at Christmas!




  1. I LOVE The Walking Dead, I can't wait 4 more days!!!! :)
    Those are great farmhouses. Good luck with your search.

  2. Oh what fun! We can pretend like were on house hunters and guess which one you choose...oh I can't wait. I know you are excited!

  3. Have fun looking at houses and good luck with your search.

  4. That first painting by Billy Jacobs? I have THREE of his hanging on my dining room wall and I RECOGNIZED the style and KNEW it had to be by the same artist.


    His style speaks to my Wisconsin "not far from the farm" girl heart.

  5. That is so exciting Diane! I didn't see that movie - too scary - but the farmhouse in it looks lovely. I like both houses you have chosen. Big 4 squares. Lots of room. I wish you luck as you look at the house tomorrow!

  6. Can't wait to see which one your choose. It's like House Hunting. Which one will you

  7. I really love the one that is already sold, love the barn and the roof line on that one. But the other one is beautiful, too. Not crazy about the blue underpinning or whatever it's called, but that is easily changed (or you might love it). You just have to look until a house speaks to you, and you will know it is the right one!

  8. How exciting! The one that got away looked lovely too! Sigh! Somewhere there is a house with your name on it....keep looking! Joan

  9. A deal is not a deal until it is finalized so keep an eye on the first one to be sure it did indeed complete sale.
    If you go with the second PLEASE paint out that horrid blue color around the foundation with something that matches the house color. Blech.
    If the barn doesn't suit you it is easily camouflaged with plantings at the corners etc. to make it fit into the surroundings a little better.

  10. Oh sweetie I so hope you get your dream fulfilled. I know exactly how you feel. I am happy you are getting close to your dream. I dream someday to be back with enough land for a horse or two and some chickens. Until then I'll keep visiting and live my dream through you. Keep us updated!
    I am enjoying visiting you.

  11. You have found some really lovely places so far.
    I can tell you are getting excited about this goal you have set for yourself.

  12. Great goals and good luck on your search. I think that barn is called a quonset.