Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Season Are You?

I would have to say I am a four season girl.  Winter, spring, summer and fall.

Winter covers the land in white, while blizzards rage on outside.
We stay close to the fire, and watch the storm from the comforts of our warm dwellings.

 Spring gives us new life.  Pretty plants and taller trees.

 Summer.  Well I just love summer.  I am a seaside girl for always and forever.

But the Fall, it is an exciting season.

The air finally starts to cool down from the hot, hazy weather from the summer just past.

Don't you just love warm, thick sweaters?

Like a security blanket, but in a pretty way.

Leaves turning colours, make a mundane drive into a breath-taking journey.

 Is it me, or do we eat more during this season?  :)

We nestle and settle in with this season.

The season even smells good.

So, which season are you?

Happy fall y'all!



Picture source - tumblr


  1. what great pictures !!!!!
    I love FALL....I just wish it lasted longer here in Alberta.
    And...I love SUMMER.....just wish it lasted longer here in Alberta
    (do you see a theme here}

    HATE LOATHE winter.
    and spring here is still, too chilly and wet wet wet.

  2. I am a Fall girl all the way! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about it! I wish we could have it all year long.

  3. Love the pics! I am an all season gal. I love parts of every season but I do love fall and winter.


  4. Your Fall photos are awesome - especially the little squirrel peeping out of the stacked wood! One of the reasons I love Fall is because it's such a welcome relief after the Summer heat. Plus the apples are delicious!

  5. Beautiful fall images Diane. I love fall colours but not the shorter days or cooler air or the winter that follows! Oh well, each season has it's beauty and thankfully I have warm clothes!!

  6. I think like you, I enjoy them all. What I don't like are seasons like this summer in England, which don't seem to get going, and they are a sort of an extra in between season! That is just too confusing, lol.

  7. gorgeous pictures! I love the sleeping fox. I'm a Spring girl for sure...It always gives me the feeling of endless possibilities.
    Blessigs, Joanne

  8. I enjoyed your post on Autumn very much. Pretty pictures that show the best of Fall. Thanks, Linda If you have any pumpkin posts you can come and link up to our Pumpkin Party. Take care, Linda


  9. I'm like you -- I'm a four season girl. But if you twist my arm and make me choose one, it would have to be spring because of the air of promise it brings.

  10. Fall - I'm definitely a fall gal!