Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

As most of you know, I have been enjoying the entire summer at my trailer. But alas, my beachy summer days are slipping into Fall.  Not that I am complaining because I just happen to love, love the fall season.  So these days, I am starting to make my move back into my city home.  I have started to pack away my beach towels, exchanged my flip flops for sneakers, moved my sunscreen lotion to the back of the cupboard and bring out my warm pretty sweaters.

The Good
 I have been so grateful for this beautiful summer I have enjoyed at my trailer.  I have loved my walks down to the beach.   The evening concerts in the Park pavilion each Saturday night.  Listening to the graceful sounds of a violin as my neighbour practises each evening.  I have enjoyed the smell of the park – bonfires and barbeques.  I have made some good friends.  I truly love my little trailer and think it is so pretty inside and outside.

However, I think it is only fair to talk about some realities of this past summer.  Not every day was sunshine and roses.

 The Bad
While I pride myself on being a handy woman, there were some projects and repairs at the trailer I just could not conquer.  The toilet -  hereafter will be referred to as the Beast!  All summer long the Beast would work on and off.  I am a woman of confidence and stamina, but got a little red in the face talking about this problem and how it got that way....oh brother!
Really, I have no secret desire to be a plumber.  I just want to flush the toilet and be done with it. 
 However, I have gotten to know very well the mechanisms of the Beast and have been able to keep it at bay.  
 But alas my friends, I do not fear the Beast and next year he will continue to bend (and flush) to my commands!

The Ugly
Living in a trailer park had its ups and downs.  
We all live fairly close to one another and to a degree you cannot escape what is happening around you. 
 There is a lot of drama in a trailer park.   
I have seen a single mother with small children living at her trailer just trying to make ends meet.
Bullies.  Bullies are everywhere, and yes, even in trailer parks.  For the most part we were able to ignore them and their cruelity, but we all know how much bullies hate being ignored and just seem to lurk for an opportunity to pounce again.     
There were the disrespectful neighbours who blatantly refused to take heed of the warnings of Park Management, and eventually got evicted out of the park.   
We had to keep our doors and cars locked, because like all neighbourhoods, we had that problem too.

In the next few weeks I will be closing down my trailer for the winter.  Getting ready for the upcoming, exciting events of Thanksgiving, Christmas.   Settling into winter.  And as days slip into months, I once again look forward to opening up my trailer in the spring for another season of beachy life at my sweet trailer.




  1. Glad you enjoyed being at the trailer, but I know you will be glad to settle in back at home, too. Sad that there are ugly-spirited people in the world, alas, they are everywhere.

  2. Oh, I have missed you! I'm glad your coming back. I understand the happiness of "trailer living" and asked hubby just this morning why couldn't we camp all the way thru winter....why can't we just park our new fantastic camper somewhere "permanently" and just go camp whenever we get ready? Anyhoo, I am so sorry to hear you had bullies.

  3. Having a hubby who loves camping and tries to haul me off to the wilds of the forest several times a summer, I just cannot envision living in a trailer for an entire summer, sugar. I. Hate. Camping! I love my home and air conditioning! LOL I could never figure out why he wanted to go camping in 90° weather, cook over an open fire in heat and sit around all day gazing into the woods. Boggles my mind.

  4. Diane, I've missed you! I was thinking of you a couple days ago and was going to email you to see how you are. I thought you'd left the country! lol I'm glad you had a great summer even with the bad and the ugly. Life is not perfect is it. It's always nice to get into a routine in the fall and winter though. Take care and I hope we'll be seeing more of you on here. Blessings, Pam