Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Soul To Keep

In times of electronic information, information in a second,  an abundance of information and all the information you have ever wanted to know about anything, 
one thing we have absolutely no information on is what happens to you when you die.

 Scientist believe your body simply shuts down, while worshipers believe heaven waits for you when you pass on.  With either belief, there is still no concrete information, nothing factual.

 When I was a young woman, 30 years ago, long, long before the time of internet, I had a friend who was going through school for medicine and health studies.  She told me that she was studying a group of some twenty people scattered around the world who had technically died and came back to life.  She said that each person went through the exact same experience.  Now keep in mind these are people located in different cities and countries across the globe and long before the internet.    The study said that all twenty people had felt and experienced all the emotions that they inflicted onto the people they had known through-out their lifetime.  They experience the same emotions that that particular person felt when you made them sad, happy or angry.  You feel what they felt.  The same study went on to say that these people who survived death, said their lives where never the same again.  
 They lived a more peaceful, Zen lifestyle.

  Since my friend told me about this study many years ago, I have never forgotten it.  Armed with this info, I always keep it in mind when I enter into either a short or long term relationship with anyone I meet.  In a small way, maybe what they say about your life flashing before your eyes is indeed true.  But, perhaps it is not exactly a flash at all. 

 Is this what the Catholics believe is purgatory?  The time in-between when you die and meet your Maker.  
 Is this just coincidence? I don’t think so. 
 Is this your brain reflecting upon your life?  Could be, but how would you know the inner thoughts of other people and their feelings?
 Is there truly only one answer?  Our souls.  Only our souls would be capable of such an experience.  One soul connecting with another.  One soul taking the hand of another and saying – watch and observe, look at what you did.  Good or bad.

  While life is indeed one long learning experience, I think I will continue to remember this one study done a long, long time ago.   
And I think, I will choose the good.




  1. While I cannot speak to the issue of what your friend investigated and the people who told their stories, I can indeed speak to my experience, sweetpea.

    While giving birth to my second child many years ago, I had an experience, not religious at that time at all, where I was drawn to a light brighter than anything I'd ever seen before. It was so bright I remember thinking 'how can I keep my eyes open in this light?' It was pretty powerful at the time.

    Now, many years later and an active member of a church I can tell you with absolutely no doubt in my mind there is an afterlife. Why would we be here if there wasn't? Yep, I know there is God and we'll return to Him some day. I had an epiphany about 20 years ago and it changed my whole life!

    You'll have to search for your own answers though, honey. Only you can decide.


  2. My goodness this is a big one to answer.. My parents' faith led them to believe that they would all meet again in Heaven one day and it kept them peaceful and loving in all their dealings with people. Their catholic faith was very very important to them and we managed to arrange that they both had the extreme sacrament when they were dying. I too believe in an after life, I am sure that it does exist and that one day we shall all find out. My faith is not as continuous as my parents was, but it does comfort one when dealing with the demise of people close to one. I love to think we shall all meet again and that our lives on earth have meant something. Of course there is no real proof, but faith, if you have it, is really a great thing, and faith makes it all possible.. thank you for sharing your thoughts above.. blessings from across the pond.. J

  3. This is a very controversial subject in the world today but I believe their is FACTUAL proof. It's the BIBLE. Read the Bible with an open mind and heart (even if you don't believe) Ask GOD if this is real...SHOW ME! Yes, we have a SOUL and we have A SPIRIT. Heaven is REAL but so is Hell. I believe everything we have done and said in life will be judged by GOD...good or bad. Maybe this is what these people were talking about..those feelings they had...Also, they said it changed their life...Did it CHANGE it for the BETTER? GOD is MERCIFUL and LOVES us more than we could ever imagine. They were given another chance in LIFE. I am living proof GOD is REAL..he sent his only son, JESUS CHRIST to die for our sins, heal the sick. I was diagnosed with a form of PANCREATIC CANCER almost 4 yrs. ago. I have had no surgery and no treatment for 2 yrs. The doctors just shake their heads!! TO look at me, I am as healthy as can be...GOD HEALED ME and doesn't make sense to the medical world. SO, I KNOW GOD is REAL, I have a personal relationship with him...I hope you find your answer! From one sweetie to another...Roxie

  4. Diane- Your photos are beautiful. Your words, thought provoking.
    I agree with something you said...whole heartedly!

    'choose the good'

    We must choose--it is not in our nature otherwise.

    blessings, Pat

  5. I am also thankful that Jesus Christ is my assurance of an afterlife.....eternity with Him. His Word tells me everything I need to know both about life here and life after death.

    love your pictures! :)

  6. I choose to believe in life after death. My son who died almost 2 years ago will be waiting for us to join him there....when it's our time.
    Faith is believing without Proof.
    It is that still small voice within you saying "it is true"

    that is my feeling on the matter

  7. Wow interesting study. Death is the greatest mystery to us all. The study makes you think really hared on how we all treat each other.
    Blessings, Joanne

  8. Thank you for these words, suddenly I've found your blog and read something, that I think, is going to help me. Marina

  9. Choose the good for sure. Not for some kind of afterlife reward but for a living life reward....a better world to live in.

  10. An incredible acquaintance died suddenly this week and I'm still reeling from the shock of her premature death. Finding your blog was so inspirational and helpful. Thank you. -- Jan

  11. I was thinking about you because I haven't seen a post from you lately. I get over here and I find a beautiful post! Thanks, and I hope all is wonderful in your world :)

  12. Wonderfully written thoughts. And the pictures are just beautiful. Your writing always gives me something bigger to think about and it is appreciated.