Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Sweet Summer

Looks like it maybe a sweet summer for me this year.
A trailer park summer.
I bought a trailer today!! Yipee!

I take ownership next weekend.
The trailer is located in an amazing trailer park, walks away from the beach.

You park your vehicle right on the beach.
Park and swim.
But we are so close we can walk cool is that!

It is your typical travel trailer decor.
I would love to make some changes to soften the look, make it more homey.
 These photos are the present owners decor, soon I will take pics of changes I have made.

I would love to do a nautical theme since it is so close to the beach.

The 27' trailer sleeps 8.
Lots of room for friends to visit!

Bunk beds even.

A pretty 3pcs bath.

Cute little kitchen.

My little summer get-away.

The trailer park has live bands playing every Saturday night.
And Bingo, also every Saturday night.
I like Bingo....I haven't payed in a bazillion years.
Maybe I will win some major cash!!

Remember last week I told you all that winds of change were rolling my way?
Well here it starts.



  1. We have an RV, but it doesn't sleep 8! Barely two comfortable! But it also doesn't have bunk beds. You will have a lovely time being so close to the beach! Looks like a great summer time is ahead!

  2. I'm so jealous. We spent every summer camping at a trailer park when I was young. Love it. Some of the best times of my life. Enjoy your new vacation home!

  3. Diane - it looks wonderful. You can do so much with it. It'll be so cute when you're finished. J

  4. Diane- so happy for you!
    So you bought the trailer. Do obtain the lease for the lot OR was it included with the price of the trailer? Because.that. porch. is. AWESOME!
    Also, I wanted to have great photography skills because you make 27' look tremendously big!

    Love it! Pat

  5. We have the kind of camper that you pull around with you - - - but I know these that are at a "permanent" site are very popular!

    That is a GREAT beach!

    Enjoy your new summer get away.

  6. Wow Diane, I'm happy for you looks like an amzing trailer and with your personal touch it will turn out in a fantastic trailer...Enjoy it...

  7. That looks like a wonderful trailer, and the porch is great, but being next to that beach will be awesome!! DH and I were looking at trailers a couple of years ago but it wasn't the right time. Maybe later ...

    You're in for a great summer!!!

  8. I have been a long time lurker, but the trailer park post got me to commenting. I live in New York City, but I was born and raised in southwestern Ontario. I went to UWO in London. Your blog brings me back to Ontario all the time - thank you. I'm curios as to know what lake is this - Huron, Erie, Ontario? Yes, in Canada we drive right up to the water's edge. I remember driving to Lake Huron with my family, parking on the beach and swimming in that cold water. Thank you for the memories. Looks like you'll have fun at the beach in your weekend getaway....

  9. Looks like an amazing summer coming up for you. What a lovely trailer, you were lucky to find it.

  10. Hi Beth.

    Thank you for the sweet comment and the visit. You are right, it is on Lake Huron at Ipperwash Beach. And your double again with the water being cold....we stepped in it yesterday but quickly stepped out...freezing! I followed your blog today...looking forward to how life is in NYC....very lucky lady. Diane

  11. Wheee heee! Diane, that is awesome! What a beautiful spot to be in the summer. I love that they built a really nice solid protective roof over the whole trailer and deck. I've not seen that before. The beach looks really nice and sandy. You are going to have a fun time re-decorating the inside and a beach theme would be perfect. Lucky you!! Have fun. Hugs, Pamela

  12. That's the way to do it. Mind of I join you? What a lovely and relaxing time you will have. It's just wonderful. Thanks for following me. Hugs...Lu

  13. Looks fantastic. I love that you have the fabulous deck area too. I can't wait to see what you do to it. And what a great location. I think you are in for a fun summer!

  14. WOW! Congratulations! I am so happy for you, such a wonderful way to spend the summer. I know you will make it so pretty when you make your changes in it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Hi there, I came over from Carolina Country Living to check out your blog! I'm also in Ontario and we sold our trailer in Southampton 2yrs ago after having it for almost 12yrs. You will so enjoy it. The best part for me was driving up there from the big city and the feeling of release of tension that occurred. Very nice spot! We only sold because my hubby & I bought a place on the Grand, so really? Didn't need to go away, because...we're here! Enjoy! xo wendy

  16. The trailer we bought looked so much like yours and upgraded the decor. We love her. I'd love to show you the way we redecorated in a beachy nautical style. So light and comfy. Check out "trailer redo" on http/