Friday, June 1, 2012

I Was Born In The Wrong Era

I am no doubt a woman of the 21st Century.
I enjoy all the privileges that are out there designed to make my life easier.
However, some days...
 I truly believe I could have easily lived a lady of yesteryear.

I maybe a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, 
but I would so much more prefer to be in a gown and beautiful matching hat.

I have always consider myself a girl next door,
 so I would have fit in perfectly, way back when.

I was meant for afternoon tea and leisure reading.

And attending balls wearing the very best jewels.

And would you believe I just so happen to like white lacy gloves,
....or anything lacy really.

I would know and appreciate all my ancestors that came centuries before me.

I could live very quietly and peacefully in a century old house.

Horse and there anything more finer in this world.
I mean really.....who needs a car.

I would pay morning calls to friends,
....and of course wouldn't dream of not bringing a basket.

I could so carry an aristocratic title.
Doesn't this sound lovely......Lady Diane.

Hmm.....what about a pretty little title to go with it.....Barnoness of Bristol
 .....yes indeed that suits me just fine.

So I think you will all agree that maybe I was meant for a different era, a different time and way of life.
Maybe I was meant for a time, long ago, when life was perhaps a little more genteel and calm.
An era that better suits me.
I simply think I was born in the wrong era.

Lady Diane


I will be joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home


  1. I would very easily agree with you and be your friend in those elegant days. Drinking tea out of gorgeous teacups and many dainty sweets. Yeah, I like technology, but sometimes I don't...wish we lived in simpler times, even in the 50's! Loved this post.

  2. I sometimes wish I lived in a gentler age, although with my luck I would be dirt poor and living in a city slum, lol.

  3. I would travel back with you. Lovely images!

  4. I am so glad I found your blog (another friend of mine is how I found it)......I soooo would have lived back then too.
    As long as I had someone else to press those gowns, and do the laundry (tee.hee)
    So regal
    I think I'll have to go back now and look at these pictures again!!

  5. btw...I made my FIRST trip ever to Ontario last summer.
    Hooked up with a bunch of blogging friends there....boy did we have fun.
    She lives in Plantagenet.

  6. Oh Lady Diane, could I please join you???

  7. What lovely images. I wish sometimes I was born in a different era--but then I am glad I don't have to wear a corset!

  8. Oh how I love all those dresses! I could live back then too. Thanks for sharing this post.