Sunday, June 24, 2012

Games of Evil

Last evening my daughter and I were enjoying a quiet moment on the deck of our summer trailer.
She mentioned she would be enrolling, this fall at school, in a course on evil.

I thought to myself....why in carnation would you want to study that.
If you want to study evil, read the paper or watch the evening news.....plenty of it there.

 However, having said that, I think it would indeed be interesting to study evil.
How does one define evil? 
What causes a person to go completely over the edge?

Where does hope go when you succumb to such heinous crimes.
How can one person do abominable acts to another.
Things you and I will never understand in our lifetime.  

I am sure all those professional out there who are experts in psychology and criminology have a theory or two.
I, like everyone else, like to watch criminal shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, Castle.
It is interesting to watch these kinds of programs, 
we watch them because it is a way of life we know we would never live.

But watching the evening news of a real life crime is disturbing.  
It is one thing when Hollywood puts together a story for 60 minutes, 
but when a real life sociopath is on the rampage, it is scary. 
 I guess that is the definition of evil.

 Look at this past Spring, when most Canadians were enthralled in the Michael Rafferty trial.  He kidnapped, raped and murdered little Victoria Stafford.  We followed this case because we try to understand how such hideous crimes can actually be carried out, how they can be committed in the first place.  

 We follow these kinds of story because we want to see what evil looks like.  How evil thinks.
We try to understand.  We try.

 Evil is the Devil.
The Lord fights evil and demons everyday.
Evil might be committed everyday,  however, you know how the saying goes.....
you can run, but you can never hide.
God and good always prevails.  In the end, it always wins.




  1. I believe in good and evil. In my work I have seen real evil, but I've also seen real good.

  2. Excellent pictures accompanying this post. It sounds like it will be a very interesting, and thought provoking, course.

  3. I don't think I'd want to take that course because, as you said, there is enough evil in the news every day. However, God is in control and I believe in the end, we win! Amen?

  4. I for one don't know how you could put a curriculum together on the subject of Evil...there is so much. God's words says to 'set no evil thing before our eyes'...yet, we are covered in it. Surrounded.
    Praise God that where sin abounds, God's Grace abounds much more!
    Interesting topic to discuss--
    Love your photos. Beautiful.

    -To God be the Glory in ALL things, Pat

  5. I have no interest in studying evil, but I adore your lovely photos. These figures are gorgeous.