Monday, May 7, 2012

A Pocketful of Pennies

Let's Talk Money

*In this series I will look at different ways to save money.
 Conservative and not so conservative ways to budget.
Having financial goals vs. realistic financial goals.
When to lock away your money and when to enjoy it.   


*We all have our own rhythm for saving money for things we need or want.
In this series, I give an inside look at some of the crazier and not so crazy methods on how I have, and do save money.
It might be helpful for some.....or not!

Use Your Flyers

 I am a very conscientious shopper.
I am always aware of what I am buying and what I am saving.
I need to know where my money is going - money of which I don't have a whole lot of!  
So I spend it wisely.
I became a single mother when my children were very young,
 so I had to be a smart shopper....and fast.


 I know my weekly flyers.
At the beginning of each week, I go through all my flyers.  
I recycle the flyers that I will not use or need that week, and keep only the few that I will.
I make a list.
Depending on the price, I will buy between 8-10 on any particular item that is $1 -2.
If is over two dollars, I will buy in bulk maybe between 4-5.


 I go out once a week and pick-up what is on my list. 
It is a very secure feeling when my deep freezer and cupboards are full.
I very rarely shop at the Dollar Stores.
Not that I have anything against them, 
but I just find that I get more for my money when I shop around.
Sometimes you have to wait for items to go on sale, and when they do, bulk up!


Saving My Pennies

As most of you know, I have literally been rounding up pennies in an effort to save money.
A personal collection of sorts.  
Some collect buttons, antiques, movies -  well I collect pennies.

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  1. I am the same way Diane. Being a one income family and being blessed to have stayed at home with my kids, we didn't have everything most other families had. I remember the day my kids wore brand name tee shirts to school. A fellow student said to my daughter "I didn't know your parents bought you brand name clothes!" LOL Well, I still try to buy a bargain, faithfully shop at Rietman's and Walmart, study the flyers, and look for a deal. We had a happy home and survived without the brand names. As for collecting pennies - you do know they aren't going to make them anymore so I'm going to donate my to a good cause.