Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lay It Out In Lavender

A very romantic herb.

I have never made it a secret, my decade long love affair with Lavender.

It's wonderful sweet scent comforts me.

I am also a big fan of Chives.
I must like all herbs that are purple.

Don't get me started on lilacs!

I could easily fall in love with any and all purple flowers growing in a garden.

Or on a house.

And since I am on the topic of houses and things I love.....pretty houses.

You all know how I can not help but throw in a pretty house or two in each of my posts.

If I could, I would have a lavender farm in a heart beat.

And spend all my days there.



picture source Tumblr


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  1. Well, that was fun! Quite a ride around the lavender/lilac/wisteria and I loved it all. My wisteria isn't even in leaf yet, and the lavender will be another few weeks. I can see little lilac flowers, still a couple of weeks from blooming - I love the scent! I spray a little lavender oil on my pillow before going to bed at night, and if it's been a particularly hard day, a little on the bedside light bulb before I turn it on - sweet dreams are assured that way!

  2. I think I may need some lavender to help me sleep. Whatever works.
    Lilacs are the most amazing little flowers aren't they.

  3. I've got my eye on some lilac blooms emerging on our neighbour's tree. They are dangling just over the fence, a quick snip and they will be mine!!!!

  4. Oh sweet lavender. I have some by my garden gate and I love to stop and smell it as I walk by. I'd take that field of lavender any day. Maybe I should plant a field of lavender in the old garden....now there's a thought!