Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Free Woman

For some time now, I have referred to my son graduating from high school this June.
Next month.  Twenty school days actually.

He is my last child in the public school system.
I confess I am excited about the freedom I will have now that school is no longer mandatory.
Twenty years in the school system raising my two children.

 Now I am a free woman!  
I can do whatever I want to do now that I am no longer sending someone to school everyday.

But the question haunts what do I do?
Kinda exciting, kinda scary.
Almost from the beginning of him starting grade 12, I have been pondering that very question.
So I have been looking at different options.

I looked at starting a new business.  However, I am not able to do that at this time.  
I will be putting that on hold until daughter is well enough to completely care for herself.  She is slowly, slowly getting there.  Last summer she was struck by a vehicle and suffered a broken back. Although she returned back to her studies at the University this spring, she is struggling with it physically.  
So I find myself busy with her, however I can help.

I am considering purchasing a motor home - very tempting.

This past weekend I looked at purchasing a mobile home in a beachside town in Michigan.
I am talking with contractors at present and getting some quotes for renovations.
I regret I did not take any pictures of the home.  Would you believe I did bring my camera, and completely forgot to take pictures of it.

Some days I think about moving to live closer to my Mom.  Mom also lives in the same town where daughter is going to school.  However, that town is no where near the water.  And it is a bigger metropolitan.

As most of you know I own a pretty home in the country, but it is currently rented out.  That tenant seems to be happy there, so I will leave that alone.
I think about buying another home for myself.  Just the time is simply not right. It doesn't feel right.

So, now that I am a free woman I will continue to ponder what is next for me.
And I am bringing you guys along for the ride!




  1. Wow! a new frontier for you for sure.
    I remember when my last grown-up moved away to start a family. After that my Mother in law lived with us for the last year of her life, then 1 1/2 years into retirement, The Honey had a heart attack.(he's better now, but retired- so he's here all day) While all four of my grown children live close by-- no one lives WITH US. I do however, have a grandchild everyday; as their parents don't want them in day care.
    Some days it's so much fun, and some days-- I think it would be nice to NOT take care of anymore people!!
    My life is what it is-- glad you have the opportunity to choose.
    Living by the water in a mobile home to renovate sounds fun!


  2. so many changes in store for you-an exciting time! I have a waaaays to go before I am a free woman lol. G'luck with everything!

  3. Oh, how exciting (and scary)! My youngest graduated last year, so I can totally relate to that feeling, since it was not that long ago. My hubs and I just purchased a small lakehouse and will be moving in the next several weeks. So many choices, but I suggest doing what you dream most about. If it's being on the lake, go there. If it's close to family go, there. Definitely keep us posted! Best wishes!!

  4. It all sounds so very exciting, Diane, so many possibilities. I am two years behind you in this, but I keep having thoughts of what we might do. I am in no way wishing my time away, but it doesn't hurt to have some ideas forming.
    I cannot wait to come with you on your journey.

  5. My son in his early 20's has yet to leave the nest. He is independent, works a 40 hr work week, but in these recessionary times he can't afford his own place. Oh well, one step at a time. Someday I will be a free woman too.

  6. This is a big change and turningpoint in your life Diane. I wish you well as you discover what you can do with your new 'freedom'. And, I'll be following you along the way too. Blessings to you my friend.

  7. You can always start with a trip to Amsterdam, you're more then welcom Diane...

  8. buona giornata e felice week end...ciao

  9. My last child graduates this year too. Feel like I'm graduating as well. Enjoy your freedom ~ it's well deserved!

  10. This is YOUR time! You can do what you want, create when you want, live where you want. I can't wait to see what you do.

  11. Hi Diane,

    My daughter will be graduating this June and getting her BA in Classics, so I can relate. She's been studying in Athens for four years, so it's been hard sometimes being away from her. All the best!

    I'm sure you'll find your way to where it is that you really want to be when the time is right.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Have a great weeken