Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elegant Millinery

The crowning glory to a special outfit on a special day.
Elegant hats at the Kentucky Derby or the English Ascot Races.
Pretty hats for church services.

So often I wish that the style to wear hats everyday were still in.
I would be wearing one everyday.

So just for today, let's have a look at some pretty and elegant millinery.

All these pretty hats.......sigh....:)



I will be showing off these pretty hats at Wow Us Wednesday over at Savvy Southern Style


  1. OMG! I absolutely LOVE all those hats. You know, all we really have to do is convince all our blogger friends to start wearing hats all the time, and I bet we could get it back in style for women to wear them all the time again. I mean...heck...people wear baseball caps all the time, why not a pretty hat instead?????

  2. I would look like the Hamburglar if I wore a hat like that. Even a small one doesn't look right on me.
    They sure do finish off an outfit though don't they.

  3. Lori, I don't think you'd look like the Hamburglar! You'd just have to get used to the way you look in them, that's all. I bet you'd look great in a lot of those hats.

  4. It is a pity that hats went out of favour, with both men and women. Mind you, I have to admit to having a big head, so I find it difficult getting them to fit. When I was little mum would buy me hat and coat sets and used to joke that the hat looked like a pea on a cruel!

  5. I wear hats every day everywhere. Men always compliment me. "I love your hat," they say. Women say, "Oh, I look awful in hats." Men stop by our table in restaurants to say something nice about my hat. Women say, "I wore hats when they were in style." My husband said, "If you have the right attitude, if you hold your head up and smile, people will want to speak to you. Wearing a hat gives them something to say." Unfortunately women disparage themselves and men say, "I always love the way a woman looks in a hat." My husband says it works the same way for men who are accompanied by a dog. Women always want to stop and exclaim over the dog. I'm just sayin' . . .