Monday, May 21, 2012

Chasing After Time

Minutes turn into hours.  Hours steal into days.  And days turn into weeks.

Time.  Some days, there is just not enough of it.
Some days should have more than 24 hours in them.

Last week, was a blur for me.  I was kept busy with so many things, I am exhausted.
When I hit the pillow at night, I was snozin' like a baby.

The week started with the six hour journey (there and back) to my daughters neurosurgeon.
We make plenty of stops because of her back.  It is almost ironic that we travel for that long to a doctor that treats back injuries, but he is good at what he does, so we make the trip.  
Thankfully, we only see him every six months.

En route, we stopped and took some pictures of this pasture full of cattle.
I love cows.  They are just as nosy as horses and have to know what's going on.

I consider myself a semi empty nester.
With daughter busy away at University and son busy in his last year of high school,
 I though I would have tons of time to while away the days baking, blogging and drinking tea.

But you know, I like it.
I am still close with my daughter, I listen for hours of her talking of different architectural styles, designs and engineering.  I know so much of it now, I could construct a skyscraper in seconds flat! 
My son is the funniest person alive and he is always making me laugh.  But he is under a lot of pressure right now making sure he gets his passing marks to graduate, and I respect that.

So you know what, I think I kind of like this semi empty nester time.
I will gladly trade baking and drinking tea all day, for some sweet time with architect daughter and high school exam pressured son.... any day.  :)



 I will be joining Barn Charm over at Bluff Area Daily


  1. It is so nice that you are enjoying this time with your son and daughter. There will be plenty of time to bake the cakes in the future!

  2. That's having your priorities straight!

  3. It's a special time in their lives and yours too. I'm glad your daughter is continuing her studies now. Enjoy your time while they are still around. It won't be long until they are off on their own. Then you can drink tea. :) Hugs, Pamela

  4. those are sweet shots. i like cows, too. glad you have time w/ your growing/grown kids. :)

  5. I really like the first barn although it's a little hidden. Love the cows too!

  6. I so agree. While our nest is completely empty now I remember those times when the kids were coming into their own so to speak.
    Now, I like the time when they and my grandchildren fill the nest with love and noise.
    These are lovely idyllic scenes!!

  7. You are a semi empty nester and I am a semi retired teacher. It is a nice way to be. Love the cows in your photos. They are all different colors. Usually I see only one color or breed on the farms I pass each day. Love the little back with its spiffy clean roof. Nice little outbuilding in the back, too. Thanks for sharing and have a barn filled happy week. genie

  8. Lovely series of farm shots! Enjoy whatever time you can spend with your kids. Time is really fleeting. You'll turn around and it'll be the grandkids leaving the nest.

  9. beautiful images and words...i'm not ready to be an empty nester but it's getting closer by the second. my oldest graduates this year too, and my middle child will go into 10th twins will be going into 5th grade already...the time has flown by much too quickly!

  10. Both great barns, but that 1st barn w/ the green roof & dark barn wood is AWESOME! I love it! Looks like a beautiful farm!

    Cows are a hoot... we used to live in the country & my daughter & I had to run some errands in town one day, so here we go down the gravel road when the cows in the field next to us started mooing.. my daughter let out a 'moo' herself & kept on as we drove real slow alongside them... they got louder & louder & more & more started joining in... when we got home a few hours later, everyone kept talking about how the cows sounded like they'd gone crazy... they cracked up when I told them it was my daughter that got them started! LoL! =)

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  11. ps i've been an empty-nester for a while now & just recently started 'home improvement' projects! My house is new, but it was a spec house, so some of the 'stuff' isn't exactly my taste... so, I'm spending my time redoing lots of stuff! Like my kitchen cabinets... I (not me, but paid someone) took the uppers down over the weekend & I'm replacing them w/ open shelving & I'm going to 'antique' the lowers in white.
    Keeping myself busy w/ projects! LoL! =)

  12. Aw, cows grazing in the pasture. So peaceful. I love your pictures.

  13. Wow, that first place looks just like the farm owned by my great aunt & uncle - the one I used to crave to visit whenever we were stateside.