Monday, April 23, 2012

What's In Your Wallet?

Let's Talk Money

In this series I will look at different ways to save money.
Conservative and not so conservative ways to budget.
Having financial goals vs. realistic financial goals.
When to lock away your money and when to enjoy it.

We all have our own rhythm for saving money for things we need or want.
And normally I do not post about saving money or budgeting,
however, this post is an inside look at some of the crazier methods on how I have, and do save money.
It might be helpful for some....or not. 



So much can be said about saving.
So let's start with the very basic.  The very simplest.
What we all have at home and most of the time we just ignore.
Save your pennies....literally.
Last week I did a whimsical post on what wonderful treasures you can buy for pennies - here.
But today, let's have a look at ways to realistically save those pennies.

 A few weeks ago the Canadian Government announced,
commencing in the Fall, they will no longer be producing the penny.

 Almost immediately this clever, thrifty lady started to think how this can work to my advantage.
How much money can I actually accumulate by literally saving my pennies.
I pulled all the coin jars from around the house, counted and rolled all the pennies.


  I was very surprised to see how much $$ it actually came too.
So last week, I was telling my Mum about my penny theory, and she happily exchanged her pennies with me for cash. 
My children helped me out the same way.

Also, last week I was allowing myself $25 to spend thrifting.  Maybe buy a few vintage pretties.
Instead, I put on my walking shoes, strolled downtown to my closest bank
and exchanged this cash for rolls of pennies.
Added them to my now growing collection.
They gave these rolled pennies to me in a cute little box!
 Little did I realize how heavy it was going to be walking back home with them.....the box weighed a ton!!

I am really liking this new method of saving.
We all know how fast money goes.  How easy it is to grab a $20 dollar bill and go spending.
But with rolled pennies, it is a little bit harder, not to say more work, with $20 rolled coins.  Not as disposable.
Clever, if not a little different, way of saving $$$$

This weeks count in - $103

Not bad for a bunch of pennies!

Let's see how much I count in next week.



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  1. Wow...that's really good for a bunch of pennies! Great post!

  2. Great post:) and I thank you for sweet words on my blog:)
    Im now following you on twitter and hope you follow me also:)

    My new post is about Gothenburg..check it out.
    Have a awsome week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  3. Wow! I've never accumulated that much in pennies. I take mine to the bank yearly, and I might have $12-$20 which is pretty good. But $103! Wow!

  4. Do they intend to take the pennies out of circulation, or are they just not making more?

  5. I was wondering the same thing as Tracey.....

    I save all my change and put it in piggy banks....when my grandchildren come, I give them each a piggy bank and they love counting to see who got the most money. It's amazing how that change adds up! :) They'll be here in June and I can't wait to hand them their piggy banks!

  6. Yes, the Government plans to take the pennies out of circulation in the Fall.