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The RMS Titanic - Part II Critical Timelines

Ghosts of the Titanic
100 Year Anniversary
April 14, 1912
Series #2


Some images may not be suitable for all readers.


Critical Timeline and Facts

Titantic scraping by the iceberg

April 14
*The ship hit by an iceberg at 11:40pm.

*First distress signal goes out at 12:15am.

*20 Lifeboats on board - 16 regular and 4 collapsible (canvas sides).
Only 18 boats used. 2 of the collapsible were filled with people the other 2 went into the sea.

Survivors lifejacket

 *First boat (#7) lowered into sea at 12:45am.

How the boats were lowered down the steal of the Titanic, compared with a city office building.

*Last boat (collapsible boat D) at 2:05am.

*Ship sinks at 2:20am.

*Only 60 swimmers were rescued from the sea into lifeboats.

April 15
*Carpathia ship arrives at 4:10am, rescues 711 survivors from lifeboats.

*Six survivors rescued by Carpathia, die on board and buried at sea.

April 17
*First round of Canadian ships, Mackay-Bennet and Minia,
 go out to wreck site to search and collect bodies.


Bodies of the Titanic disaster pulled from water.  Government of Nova Scotia, Canada archive records

Body of Titanic victim on board the Minia.  Government of Nova Scotia, Canada archive records.

Men from the Mackay-Bennet collecting the overturned boat

April 18
 *Carpathia arrives in New York City, USA.

Titanic wireless operator, Harold Bride, leaves Carpathia

Halifax, Canada  Burial
*337 bodies recovers, 128 buried at sea, 209 brought to Halifax.
Which 150 unclaimed bodies were buried in Halifax.

Rows of graves were Titanic casualties lay at rest

I have personally visited this grave site, and found it overwhelming and emotionally heart wrenching.

 *Wreck discovery.

Titanic wreck - bow

Ghosts of the Titanic
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  1. Love this series-so interesting!

  2. Such a great historical post.
    My family and I went to see the moving exhibit on the Titanic when it was in Chicago a few years back.
    Very intense exhibit. Heart breaking, really.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Diane, I don't think I've ever seen any of these photos before. They really put reality into the sinking after seeing the movies that romanticize the disaster. Thanks for sharing these.